I want to write

by Mitch on 26/10/2003

I have such an overwhelming urge to write. I want to write all day long until my fingers are sore and my keyboard is almost broken. I have so many thoughts and ideas all at once that I can’t catch just one of them and put it down. I wish I could slow my mind down enough to listen to my thoughts for a few seconds and hear myself think.

On the techno-upgrade I am going through; it seems to be all-steam-ahead! As of today I am purchasing the laptop I wanted, and after I pay for it I will begin Ebay auctioning my PC, piece by piece. It will be a headache, but I definitely think it’s a good idea.

I am also probably getting that new phone too. I should be able to get just enough for my current phone to get the new phone for $100 or for free, so I am pretty happy about that. I just want to have Sonic the Hedgehog with me at all times – lol.

I wish I had more focus lately to be able to concentrate on my University work. I really can’t seem to force my head down long enough to get even the slightest bit done. I know I need too, but it gets more and more difficult every day – I’m really stuck in a rut. I have the time and the opportunity to do it all, I’m just so lazy lately and it kills me. It kills me because I know I could be getting some really good marks and I’m not pursuing them as hard as I can. I am still getting okay marks, but not the exceptional marks I know I am capable of.

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  1. 27/10/2003Kevin Wilson says:

    Writing would be so much easier if we could just plug ourselves directly into our computers and think about what we want to do. The other good thing would be a nice big “DELETE” button somewhere that can take care of those nasty things you don’t need to be reminded of.

    Good luck with the whole techno upgrade. I’d buy your old machine myself if I had a use for it but I am still trying to justify to myself that I need a laptop and can’t quite do it.

    Oh the pain.