by Mitch on 21/11/2003

Well, my laptop was supposed to arrive today. Did it? No. Why? Because I was foolish and dealt with Ebay. I am really scared that I won’t get the laptop or my money back, which totally sucks considering how broke I am. I know I might get the laptop soon, but the guy sent it like 2-3 weeks ago, gave me a faulty tracking id and has given me more revised ETAs on the laptop than I can count.

So angry and annoyed, I will try to think of something fun and make a happier post again soon.

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  1. 21/11/2003Kevin Wilson says:

    Ebay has a process for dealing with this problem – it is buried slightly in the help section of the site, but it is there. Unfortunately, as the buyer, even making a complaint to them isn’t going to get your money back. You should just have a look at the guys feedbacks to see if he’s got a good rep.

    Maybe I have just been really lucky with my purchases and sales.

  2. 25/11/2003Intenzity says:

    hmmm ebay… sounds as more reliable as sarah ex ian… that says alot… how much ya pay fer it neways… i didnt think i was gettin my product from there it took nearlly 2 weeks to recieve it from like several suburbs away.. but the best thing is that i had the address and my cousins lived like streets away.. so they really had no choise… boooyaaaahhh!!! (tooo bad it was only a 12$ 16 port hub, nothing special.. and i got it in the end)

    what does this all have to do with ur predicament… umm nothing? but hang in there.. i am just bored and thought i would check out ur posts cause i was checkin out sarahs….

    You had tonsilitis aswell… ewwwww .. thats gotts suck… i think ian got his from suckin to much wang …. you know about ian.. sarah spoke to u about him ? hmmmmmmm have a look at sarah journal and u wil get the basic jist… i will go through her picture album and get a pic of him.. and u can see where he takes it.. sorry just babbling.. neways i am outskie.. ciao mitch !!!

  3. 27/11/2003Kevin Wilson says:

    Okay, that post has really pricked my interest – I want a story.