Colon Parenthesis is no more…

by Mitch on 29/12/2003

Remember a little while back I wrote a blog entry called “Warning: Burnout Imminent”? It was a blog entry about the fact that I just have too many projects running at once and things are just getting increasingly harder to keep up with. Well I finally killed one of these projects. Late last night, when I couldn’t sleep, I copied all of the files from the colonparenthesis dot com website and moved them onto my weblog. Now this webpage contains all of my personal information. Soon it will contain my photo galleries and stuff like that and when the domain name expires I will not be renewing it.

I will still be keeping this website and I will most likely still keep the Digital Heroine Network running. It’s sad that I have had to give up my personal website like this. Colon Parenthesis meant a lot to me from the start, but this is something that I have to do, so it is done.

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  1. 5/01/2004shaun says:

    sad but true, looks like we’ll have to come up wit a new name for the webcomic