Funny stuff!

by Mitch on 29/12/2003

Man, Wil Wheaton is so goddam funny! Go here! And click on the Video Highlight link! Do it now, don’t wait to see what else I have to type! You can come back later! GO GO GO!

Okay, so I just wanted to inform my readers (If I still have any?) of my life plan. That’s right kids, I’m not just floating through life aimlessly, I have a 2� year plan. And here it is.

Finish University, go to Europe.

5 words. Man, I am just pathetic. I basically plan on doing a professional barman�s course before I go to Europe; pouring drinks straight from memory, flipping and throwing bottles and a few bar tricks. What I really want to do is to just get on the plain, with a little money, and just go on an adventure. I wanna get there and work my way from place to place. I think if I have enough bar knowledge and stuff like that, I should find it easy enough to work my way through Europe and see the things I wanna see.

Before, I really go to bed this time, I will live you with these two photos. One is the lid of a Heineken bottle, I just felt like photographing it and the other is of my door, which is now adorned with Goku and Heineken poster-thingys.


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  1. 29/12/2003Kevin Wilson says:

    When does the 2 1/2 year plan start? I can make myself available to you to motivate and encourage you and keep you on track for a small one time payment of $49.95 plus postage and handling.

    But wait, there’s more…..

    If you respond in the next 24 hours, not only will you get a whole lifetime of motivational experience, you will also receive this handsme set of steak knives (shows cheap box of shitty knives) at no extra cost.

    But wait, there’s more….

    If you respond in less than 24 hours, I will not only throw in the handsome set of steak knives (shows crappy knives again), BUT I will personally motivate one other person of your choice totally free.

    That’s right, not only do you receive personal motivation and encouragement from me, but you will get this lovely set of knives (again with the crappy knives) plus the once in a lifetime opportunity to have anyone of your choice motivated for no extra charge.

    Operators are standing by.

    Oh, stand further away from the bottle cap next time you snap one.

  2. 29/12/2003Mitch says:

    1. The cheque is in the mail.

    2. I was getting a little tipsy and it looked focused to me! lol

    *taps fingers and waits for steak knives*