Holiday (Day 2)

by Mitch on 10/01/2004

Well I am sitting inside a little Internet CafĂ©, because I am a little bored. The surf was flat and breaking too late to go body surfing and I didn’t want to go into any of the shops for fear of spending money that I can’t *really* afford.

This morning we went on a speed boat ride from Manly Wharf out past the heads near there. Apart from the boat having engine problems it was a really fun ride. Sometimes we were hitting bigger waves and going about 1-2 meters in the air, it was really cool.

Well this place charges an arm and a leg for it’s net usage and I’m not really that desperate to blog. So, yes Kevin, I will be seeing someone about my Computer/Internet addicion. I am off to look at a few shops to kill some boredom, with any luck I will find a Sony shop and manage to buy a new battery for my Palm Pilot. Stay cool kids. This is Mitch, over and out. :-)

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  1. 11/01/2004shaun says:

    Mitch, i hope u get this rather soon, i am in desperate need of ur help in fixing the digital gallery refuses to upload my pics,and havin to upload the inked ones into the drawin gallery for the meantime is causin too much lag in there, at least on my machine, but mine isnt the fastest, it only just suffices for my graphics. and the home page will not work @ all!!!!, help me mitch, ur the website genius, not me…..