Friday The Thirteenth

by Mitch on 13/02/2004

Has the world gone mad? Everyone has been crapping on about how this Saturday is the 14th of February, which marks V. Day (closely related to D. Day), but no one has realized – at least to my knowledge – that today is Friday The Thirteenth!


Maybe, everyone has realized that it’s Friday The Thirteenth, but it’s bad luck to talk about it, and no one has told me. And then, the best part; Jason’s hand punches a hole in the back of my skull and he feasts on the warm goo inside (small meal, I know)


Maybe, this was all part of the plan. Friday February The Thirteenth was to be THE Friday the Thirteenth and the entire of human race was supposed to die today. AND the most baddest part of this, they set it there to distract us with a puke-worthy holiday like Valentines Day. Those bastards, well damn the man I say! You can sit there reading my weblog and downloading porn and mp3’s if you like, but personally, if I only have a few more hours to live; I am spending all my savings on beer and hookers. See ya!

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  1. 13/02/2004Kevin Wilson says:

    If you plan on spending your life savings on beer and hookers, it’s going to be a quiet night for you.

  2. 14/02/2004phalacee says:

    *adds his life savings to mitch’s funds … all 50c of it*