by Mitch on 28/03/2004

I’ve been doing a little bit of Windows customizing lately and I thought I would share my results. I customized this mostly using StyleXP and Desktop Sidebar and the wallpaper is from Digital Blasphemy (but you need to be a member). I think it looks pretty cool. I’d love to write a lot right now, but I am busily coding up the biggest script I have ever written, so I am in concentrate-on-coding mode and not concentrate-on-writing mode.

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  1. 1/04/2004bleaver says:

    dude thats awsome

    though the top bar is rather like a mac dont ya think 😛

    i should know.. i just compared it! har har

    anyway looks sweet.. awsome desktop pic too.

    A mate of mine was playing around with StyleXp and Desktop Sidebar but he didnt make anything as impressive as that!

  2. 4/04/2004Mitch says:

    Yeah it is, but that is just about the only thing that the Mac OS has going for it, hehehe. The guy who write Y’z Dock got a cease and desist order from Apple. Hahahaa.