Four Day Weekend!!!!!!!!!!1111one

by Mitch on 8/04/2004

Well, the anniversary of Christs death is in just 2 days and I would like to say that it wasn’t in vain. Let’s face it, he did the right thing and we are reaping the benefits. What are these said benefits I hear you ask; the four day weekend of course! </blasphemy>

Growing up (when I actually had money and friends) I loved the idea of a four day weekend. Camping trips, concerts, parties and drunkenness, just to name a few. These days I am too old and too broke to do these things, so I reward myself with a few beers, some video games and a chance to do some writing. That’s right, I am officially giving myself the weekend off, unfortunately I have to begin some huge projects for University as soon as the weekend is over, which makes it a little hard to properly enjoy myself.

I have grabbed my photo printer from underneath my textbooks and begun a really cool project. My desktop is stained with coffee, coke and patchy from where I have had my laptop sitting which has created heat. So I am going to print up some cool wallpaper images at 6″ x 4″ and cover my desktop with them, then lacquer it. It should look awesome when I am done and make for an interesting photo. Right now I can only print a few images here and there, because the ink and photo paper costs a packet, but when I get enough photos I am going to take an afternoon to make my desk into something pretty darn special.

Richie Cunningham was a cool guy don’t you think? Not as cool as The Fonz, but pretty cool. He had those “you wanna think they’re girly, but they’re not girly” arms. I reckon he could mess someone up if he was really angry and the other person was passed out. Seriously. Think about it. And stuff.

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  1. 10/04/2004jay says:

    Richie was great – but nobody was greater than The Fonz of course!

    Good old Henry Winkler. hehehe. What a legend!

  2. 11/04/2004Kevin Wilson says:

    At least Richie was closer to being the teenager he was portraying than The Fonz was.

    If you ever get to see the old Andy Griffith Show, you get to see Richie when he was a cute 5 year old with hair and those big ears.

    Let me steal a line from you mate:

    “These days I am too old….”

    I’ll swap being your “too old” for mine any day. 🙂

  3. 12/04/2004Kevin Wilson says:

    Oh, one more thing – it could work out a little cheaper in the long run to buy a 10 pack of A4 sized photo paper and cut it into A5 (exactly half size) for your wallpaper desk project.

    It would take less images to cover your desk plus they would be easier to see than 6 x 4, especially if instead of just using the printer default for 6 x 4, you create a word document and completely max out the margins on the page set up for the A5 paper.