Writing Break

by Mitch on 28/04/2004

2 Projects + 1 Assignment + Only 7 days = Stress!!!

Well, I booted around all holidays saying to myself, hell, you’ve got loads of time to do your assignments, when honestly, I don’t. I now have 7 days to complete 2 projects (which are super-huge assignments) and an assignment (which is a mathematics assignment – the subject that I am having so much trouble with). I just bought some Coke and some Pizza to keep my going for the next week and I’ve sat down to put in some serious work.

Right now I have two parts of my brain fighting against each other. Let’s call these two parts of my subconscious “Serious Mitch” and “Foolish Mitch”.

Serious Mitch: Alright, we have Coke, Pizza, Textbook and laptop, let’s go!
Foolish Mitch: You sure you don’t wanna read one more chapter of that book?
Serious Mitch: I am positive, let’s rock ‘n roll baby!
Foolish Mitch: You’re really, really sure you don’t want to watch some more Red Dwarf?
Serious Mitch: Well… No! I am gonna get some work done.
Foolish Mitch: Well, better write a quick weblog then.
Serious Mitch: Okay. Ack! Damn it! I’ve been fooled by Foolish Mitch!
Foolish Mitch: Muwahahahaha, rock!!! m/

And here I am. I will kill Foolish Mitch soon enough with copious amounts of alcohol and then I won’t have to worry about such sloth and procrastination. Alright, now I am on “Writing Break,” and I won’t be writing anymore. I might, however, try and do an audio blog over the next few days to say how things are going, but nothing is certain.

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  1. 29/04/2004Kevin says:

    Hmm, security code? Parnoia issues old mate? 🙂

    Anyways, I knew that all those nights and days you spent online chatting it up with me I should have been ignoring you and making you do your assignments, though I like foolish Mitchs style.

  2. 29/04/2004Mitch says:

    Not paranoid, just been getting a LOT of spam messages on my comments lately. This saves me having to delete them all and makes it impossible for spam bots to keep spamming me. 🙂

  3. 29/04/2004phalacee says:

    I like this security code deally. Good idea. I don’t have that problem on my site… so I dun need it, but meh …

    I agree with Kevin tho, Foolish Mitch is t3h fluff 🙂

  4. 30/04/2004Ben (K'Neth :P) says:

    Hmm…just a minor point here. If you go ahead with your plans to kill Foolish Mitch with copious amounts of alcohol, wouldn’t that therefore invalidate the point of killing Foolish Mitch because Serious Mitch would be too inebriated to do any work? Oh and apart from that, I think you need to see a psychiatrist dude 😛

  5. 30/04/2004Ben (again...) says:

    Oh and it seems that Foolish Mitch is still on top, considering that you were joint posting at 7 o’clock this morning. *hacks Stargazer so you can’t post mwahahaha*

  6. 30/04/2004Mitch says:

    Shhh dude, are you trying to get me in trouble? I was working all day dammit! lol