Emoticon Test

by Mitch on 28/05/2004

I’ve just added a fancy little emoticon function to the weblog. Mostly for commenters, as I don’t use the often, but they are pretty cool. These are all the icons that are available.

Click Here for the full list.

:assimilated: :bigeek: :biggrin: :bigrazz: :confused: 😎 😥 :dead: 😮 :embarrassed: :laugh: 😡 :ninjaeat: :no: :none: :peace: :pie: 😛 :roll: :rolleyes: :sad: :shy: :sigh: :sleep: :smile: :smilewinkgrin: :stormtrooper: :uhoh: :upset: 😉 :yakuza: :yes: :yoda:

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  1. 28/05/2004Hakfest says:

    Dude, these are ALL copyrighted, and you definitely *do not* have permission to use them, I strongly suggest you take them off immediately.

  2. 28/05/2004bananasontoast says:

    I know why you are worried, but you don’t need to be. When you viewed my weblog I was just testing the template that I created to make sure that all the emoticons will work if I can get permission from the Authors. Several of the Authors have already given their permission and their emoticons are currently on my weblog and you can view them. I do ask that you do not be so rude in future, as you have no way of knowing if I have gained permission to use these emoticons or not.

  3. 28/05/2004bananasontoast says:

    Testing the emoticons in comments…

    :assimilated: :bigeek: :biggrin: :bigrazz: :confused: :confusedw: 😎 😥 :dead: 😮 :embarrassed: :laugh: 😡 :ninjaeat: :no: :none: :peace: :pie: 😛 :roll: :rolleyes: :sad: :shy: :sigh: :sighw: :sleep: :sleepw: :smile: :smilewinkgrin: :stormtrooper: :uhoh: :upset: :upsetw: 😉 :yakuza: :yes: :yoda:

  4. 29/05/2004phalacee says:

    I hope the reason you “know” that bananasontoast doesn’t have permission to use them is cos one of them is yours. Otherwise, be shush, please. He hasn’t done anything wrong yet, and IS seeking permission to use them.

    this guy is the sort that won’t even quote a TV show if he thinks the owners will get all fussy over copyright issues, he is a decent guy, and unlike a majority of the online community, pays for the software he uses, and gets permission to use images and the like …

    So how bout you get off his case huh?

  5. 31/05/2004bananasontoast says:

    w00t! They work.

    Mmm, yes, genius I am… :yoda:

  6. 20/05/2005chk says:

    the yoda thing doesnt come up… how can i get it to work?