Compliance? Me?

by Mitch on 31/05/2004

Well, it took a little forum chasing to work out my ampersand issue, but I have finally got this site 100% Transitional XHTML 1.0 valid and CSS Valid! Hence the reason I have put those two new spiffy icons over on the right there, aren’t they nice? I’ve always wanted to be able to put them on my website.

Basically this means that I have coded the website to be completely interoperable and should work in all browsers without giving any crazy errors. This also includes the javascript apart from the “onClick” on a few pages. Not bad, especially considering that it took me about an hour to take this site and two others from spitting out over 100 little errors each down to a finely oiled machine.

Challenge to other webmasters reading this site: Is your website compliant with the coding rules you are using? It doesn’t have to be XHTML compliant, but what about HTML 4.01? What about your CSS? Be sure to comment guys.

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  1. 1/06/2004Kevin says:

    My web sites seem to be HTML 4 compliant, but for some reason the program I use to validate it doesn’t like the fact that if I use the BR tag it says it needs an end tag. Other than that, all pages are fine.

  2. 1/06/2004phalacee says:

    As you so rudely pointed out last night, my site has hundreds of errors, but thats cos I don’t follow conventions. It works fine in IE5+ and Mozilla FireBird/Fox 0.7+ … so who gives a toss how many errors there are?

    I do plan, however on making it more streamline and compliant … when I get the time, but with over 9000 lines of code … I might be better off building a new site …

  3. 2/06/2004bananasontoast says:

    Sorry matie, I wasn’t meaning to be rude. Your site would actually become compliant quite quickly if you replaced special characters (which means those spiffy double < and > braces you love to use), put in your doctypes and used utf-8 character encoding. I doubt you’d get anymore than 50 or so errors, which is about how many I had when I decided to fix them all.