I code for beer

by Mitch on 19/06/2004

Last night, while I was kicking around at the Zoo FM workforce part, I came to a stunning realization. I code for beer – seriously. Everyone has seen the t-shirts at Thinkgeek that say things like, “will code for food” and “will code for beer,” but I am living the dream baby!

Every week I make at least a few updates to the Zoo FM website, which I always considered to be a free job. Then Ken, the boss down there, started inviting me along to movie premiers and work force parties for free. This basically means I see a free movie every month or so and I drink free beer every Friday night. I code for beer!

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  1. 20/06/2004The Backflipboy says:

    When you think about it – you really do need a reason to hang around media types and if free beer, parties and concerts are the go, why not exploit their expense accounts? Gets you ready for the real world when you start coding for money.