Sushi Lust

by Mitch on 25/06/2004

Right now I am in heaven. Recently there has been a new restaurant open in town that servers Sushi and boy is it good. For most people that probably sounds weird, but until this restaurant opened I had only ever had Sushi when I was visiting the city. I love Sushi, it’s so healthy and tastes so damn good, but this is beyond a joke. I’ve eaten it almost every day for lunch since I found out about the restaurant and I still can’t get enough – it’s what I call ‘Sushi Lust’… Hardcore, Sushi Lust… What is even better than the Sushi itself is the price, we’re talking about $5 for a meal, which beats the crap out of Macca’s prices and is a bazillion quadkillion times better for you…

Speaking of lust, how cool are pirates? Pirates totally rock. They have cool eye patches, wicked parrots and super mad wooden legs which they use as bats to spank the asses of regular people.

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