Medal Tally

by Mitch on 30/08/2004

I was sitting and staring at the medal tally on the “Games”. I call it the “Games” because apparently if you call it anything else you can be sued or some crap. Anyway, I was thinking that Australia didn’t do too bad considering how small we are. In fact, we kicked everyones ass if you look at it as medals per million. Check it!

Medal Tally
Rank Country Gold Silver Bronze Total Medals Population (Million) Medals Per Capita
1 United States 35 39 29 103 294.14 0.35
2 China 32 17 14 63 1,297.41 0.05
3 Russia 27 27 38 92 143.78 0.64
4 Australia 17 16 16 49 20.00 2.45
5 Japan 16 9 12 37 127.33 0.29
6 Germany 14 16 18 48 82.42 0.58
7 France 11 9 13 33 60.42 0.55
8 Italy 10 11 11 32 58.06 0.55
9 Korea 9 12 9 30 48.60 0.62
10 Great Britain 9 9 12 30 60.27 0.5

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  1. 31/08/2004The Backflipboy says:

    I was reading the historical section of the newspaper during this sports event and the general idea I got of the whole shebang when the “Modern” Olympics was started was tht it wasn’t about winning or losing, but participating. Somewhere along the line, the whole thing has become twisted into a political plaything and an “us and them” attitude mars what should just be something fun.

    The introduction of professional athletes with the “win at all costs” attitude has completely taken the spirit out of the event. Just look at the drug cheats and how the legal system benefits when someone doesn’t get picked to go.

  2. 2/09/2004Mitch Malone says:

    Yeah, I think that “winning at all costs” is stupid, but I do believe that the Olympics should be competetive. It’s a way of a country to showcase their sporting achievements and I think that as an athlete it would be important to me to be able to show my country how good I am. Apart from a very select sports in most countries, a large majority never get noticed until the olympics, so if it was my only chance show my country what I could do.

    I think that the mateship and fun is reserved mostly for the spectators. I don’t think there is anything particularly brutal about the spectators and I think that most people tend to get along in the crowds. I remember when I was in Sydney at the time of the 2000 Olympics, me and my mates sat in a pub on Darling Harbor and spoke to so many different people from different countries and had a blast! :)