Don’t Be Un-Australian!

by Mitch on 20/01/2005

Although I have yet to see it on televison, Diny was kind enough to laugh at us “Kangaroos” by showing me this link. Both Ryan and Liam have seen it on television, so I can only assume it’s a serious ad about Australia Day. Enjoy.

Being Un-Australian from your good friends at Kontraband

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  1. 20/01/2005Diny says:

    If that’s a real tv spot, then i have respect for the Australian media for having the balls to air it!

  2. 20/01/2005zith says:

    haha w0rd!!! thats all I can say… ‘word!!!

  3. 20/01/2005The Backflipboy says:

    Doubt it’s a real advert, but it’s definitely something that Sam Kekovitch would say.

    Be cool to have adverts like that on TV – I would start watching them.

  4. 20/01/2005bananasontoast says:

    You better get watching dude, because as of this morning I can confirm it *is* a real advert. Even my mum knew about the ad and I garuntee she hasn’t seen it online, she wouldn’t know the first thing about watching something like that on the net. 😉

  5. 2/03/2005sam says:

    can any1 tell me where i can see the ad

  6. 2/03/2005Mitch Malone says:

    Well, you click where it says “Being Un-Australian”… Amazingly… 😉