Kill me now!

by Mitch on 15/02/2005

Holy crap… So I was working on my story and I save the file on my USB Thumbdrive… I put the drive into my drawer where I always keep it… I walked away and suddenly had an idea of how to begin the final plot twist… I brandished the drive, plugged it in and opened the file… Somehow, I moved the file from the drive, but that is okay… I save the file and watch the flashing lights on the drive go crazy and then stop…. I unplug the drive and assume it all saved and go to bed… This morning, I have some inspiration and I pull the drive out again to work on it… No file… Surely it’s saved somewhere… No? Fark… Wait, how much writing exactly have I lost? Oh, around 20,000 words… It is nowhere to be found on my computer and it’s not on the thumbdrive… I searched every file for all kinds of things, file names, containing character names, dates modified, file types… It’s gone… 20,000 words and about 12 months work… Gone… Someone kill me with a blunt instrument, because I feel like absolute shit… I wanted to do a rewrite, but this is hardly what I had in mind…

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  1. 16/02/2005riina says:

    Damn. That sucks…
    I’m sorry. *hugs* I hope you can still find it somewhere.

  2. 17/02/2005Manji says:

    I know you pain mate, i’ve once had a 250+ pages story “erased” from a mini-disk. I almost cried….
    Never got to rewrite it, to much of the good content was written under much caffeine and in the middle of the night…. no life for that nowadays. 😉