Mitch in the kitchen

by Mitch on 7/03/2005

Mitch in the kitchen

Mitch in the kitchen

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Tonight I baked some awesome potato and fish tonight for dinner. I love cooking, it’s so real and natural and makes me feel so relaxed. There is something about cooking that frees me from my digital world and lets me just relax even for just an hour a day.

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  1. 7/03/2005jadeth says:

    looks… great 😉 u should come cook at our house sometime 😉 get me outta it.. i cant cook for shit and when i do they pik at it like ive poisoned it or somthing 😐

  2. 8/03/2005The Backflipboy says:

    One word only – YUMMMMM!!!!

  3. 8/03/2005Mitch Malone says:

    Word, it was damn good! Everyone loves my cooking. :)