by Mitch on 17/03/2005

Yes I know I haven’t been around. Yes I know I’m rude. No I don’t care. I know you miss me. No I won’t return your phone calls. I’m busy right now, so just leave a damn message. It’s not you though, it’s me. Honestly. No we’re not breaking up, I just need some space. Yes that night in Vegas did mean something. No I don’t want that ring back.

Seriously though, I am so busy. Work and this thing called The Real World™ have totally taken over. I’ve been busier these last 4 weeks since starting work than I have in my life. I really want to sit down and do some writing soon, but at this very minute it looks rather unlikely. Have a good St Patricks Day and be sure to have a green beer for me! I promise I’ll have one for you! m/

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  1. 20/03/2005The Backflipboy says:

    Ahh, welcome to the land of grown up responsibility – possibly the most awful place in the world. At least you live in a slower paced part of the country so your stress levels shouldn’t rise too much.

    Don’t overdo it, take some you time, and try to keep the brain cells exercised (don’t kill too man more of them though).


  2. 24/03/2005The Backflipboy says:

    Ignore this comment – I’m just getting some things sorted out with the new machine and wanted to have my infor in place for the next comment.

    Feel free to delete this one. Cheers.