The RIAA Nutpunch!

by Mitch on 26/04/2005

We can all download music and most of us do, but when a CD is really good some of us buy it. We have to do it. There is something so beautiful about having the awesome artwork, lyrics, perfectly finished CD and the tangible album in your hands. This, in my humble opinion is the one thing that the RIAA has had on their side.

In a link I found from my good friend jark‘s website, I have just read that the RIAA have now started screwing with album artwork. That’s right, the one thing (apart from the law, obviously) that they had to stand on, is now well and truly gone. It’s only a matter of time before this spreads to other lands and you will no long be able to purchase the CD’s you once desired and RIAA will have even more to worry about.

Well done RIAA, give yourself a kick in the nuts, because this truly qualifies as the dumbest move ever. A round of applause anyone? I thought not.

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  1. 26/04/2005Kevin Wilson says:

    I guess it is one thing for members of the public to complain that the authorities are defacing something that they have purchased in good faith, but the only way this will be changed is if the artists involved actually take legal action against the RIAA or FBI themselves for adding the messages if they haven’t authorised it – the Elvis Costello quote in Jarks blog clearly shows he was not in favour of it, yet it still appeared on his CD. It is possible that under his contract with his record company, they can do it.

    However, I think you should also remember that this is the RIAA not ARIA and something like this wouldn’t be able to come in if the artists themselves protested about it but since it is a way of protecting their interests, I doubt very much they will shout too loudly – money is thicker than fan loyalty after all.

    I haven’t actually bought a CD in so long now that I have no idea if the Australian releases have any warnings on them. I guess if they don’t, you can make for yourself a handy little business by scanning CD’s and their covers and supplying them to anyone from countries where these warnings are being included – for a price of course.

  2. 29/04/2005phalacee says:

    With what Kevin said, I question the legality of selling scanned copies of the CD label, after all, its the artist’s artwork, but if they aren’t doing it world wide, then we could make a mint reselling CDs of American artists back to America.

    I’m sorry about Sarah posting here trying to track me down, the truth is I have no interest in contacting her. I’ve put that group and what happened with them behind me …