The Weekenders

by Mitch on 29/05/2005
Mitch and Mark by on

Myself and my good mate, Mark. This guy is seriously a king, he is an awesome guy. We party together every weekend, laughs galore and we always have a good time.
(thanks to chix0r for the manip)

Sticko, Mitch and Rob by on

Me and my boys, Sticko and Rob! Great mates, weekenders all the way!

Handprints! by on

It was that cold! Check out the handprints that Rob, Sticko and I made!

Mark, my main man! by on

Mark busting it out at the pub, love the lighting!

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  1. 30/05/2005Kevin Wilson says:

    SO that’s what you look like with your new do? You’re looking so normal nowdays.

  2. 30/05/2005Mitch says:

    Yeah, looking a little more normal since I started working in a proper job, so that kind of sucks… Althought I am getting tattooed soon, so that will change somewhat… 😀

  3. 31/05/2005Kevin Wilson says:

    Ohhhh, tattoo…. so fucking cool. You just got bumped up a spot on my list of people who should be seen with me.

  4. 6/06/2005Mik says:

    your so sexy mitch… lol

  5. 31/07/2006Lou Lou says:

    oiya mitch, haha just looked at your site for the first time…nice work

  6. 31/07/2006Mitch says:

    Heya honey, thanks for the comment, you rock! 😀