by Mitch on 31/07/2005
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For almost a year and I half I resisted eating the McChemical McCrap that McDonalds pump out, but Saturday afternoon I caved. A semi-hangover sent me into SuperUltraBigMacCraving Mode and I had to have one… with a cheeseburger… half a quarterpounder and fries… Holy crap, even my fat cells now have fat cells…

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  1. 31/07/2005Kevin Wilson says:

    My god – when you crash and burn, you don’t do things by halves do you? You have my condolances and I’m prepared to offer you many free hours of counselling……

  2. 31/07/2005Mitch says:

    I just may need them… At the very least I need some reliable plumbing… 😛

  3. 2/08/2005Mik says:

    Yuck, I hate Mcdonalds… WHY OH WHY DID YOU CAVE. Oh well, you’re lost now my friend.

  4. 3/08/2005X says:

    haha Mcshit…. word….

  5. 3/08/2005Mik says:

    You man…

    “haha Mcshit…. McWord!!!”

  6. 5/08/2005Mitch says:

    I dunno why I caved, but I still feel empty inside because of it… :(