Twenty Three

by Mitch on 30/08/2005

Dear 23rd birthday,
I am no where near ready for you yet. Please stay away for a while longer.

Love always,

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  1. 31/08/2005Abs says:

    Aw, is it your birthday?
    Happy birthday if it is; have fun!
    (And then lie and say you’re like 18) -grin-

  2. 31/08/2005Kevin Wilson says:

    24 days away isn’t it? Remind me…

  3. 31/08/2005Mitch says:

    It’s 6 days away 😛

  4. 2/09/2005Kevin Wilson says:

    Well that doesn’t really give me much time to sort something for you… why did I think it was on the 23rd?

  5. 3/09/2005Mitch says:

    No idea?

    6th of the 9th…. 69, get it?! 😀 Now you will never forget!

  6. 5/09/2005Ryan Lindsay says:

    Hey buddy, Have a good tomorrow, I am sure you will. And don’t be too bummed out about being 23. I’m 23 and look at me. Wait, scratch that, probably not the best idea. Though when I tell you what I got up to last weekend it should offer you some hope, ha! Talk soon, buddy!

  7. 5/09/2005Mitch says:

    Thanks bro. Plans are for the boys to show up nice and early for beer and spend the whole day hammered. Dinner with my friends, the little lady and the family, so I am feeling pretty happy about it all. I wish my (uni) boys were here to celebrate!

  8. 6/09/2005Ryan Lindsay says:

    Sounds like a plan man. You gotta get down to Maitland at some stage and piss it up with me. If you get your ass into gear you might make another one of my New Years Eve Spectaculars again, and you know everyone will be at that! So happy bday, have a nice premium beer for me, and have fun!

  9. 6/09/2005Mitch says:

    Holy crap, that is so true, we should totally organise a huge New Years!