by Mitch on 21/09/2005

Just a little note to all who doubted the validity of TLAPD, here is a link of value! I hope everyone donned their pegleg and celebrated with some rum! I spent the day running around the house semi-naked yelling at my family, freaking out my dog and calling up friends to shiver their timbers!

Some choice phrases I bellowed out and/or had bellowed at me:

“C’mere and shiver my timbers, ya lilly-skinned land lover or I’ll clean the barnicles off your dinghy!”

“Y’arr, where be me coffee wench? I be sailin’ the seven seas and may perish if I don’t gets me lime juice, but first I must be awake!”

“By Blackbeards sword, if I have to tell you this again I’ll put you in the gally where ye’ll scrub the decks till yer knuckles bleed!”

“Y’arr, thar be the sexiest whench me good eye has spotted in days… She be makin’ me peg leg do dances!”

And the best of all, from a girl I met a while ago who was honestly doing her best, but just couldn’t make it…

“A spot of tea and a bickie?” *long awkward pause* “Fuck, is it Talk Like A Pirate Day or Talk Like A Pommy Day?!”

The site is back to normal and will resume normall broadcasting. Over and out.

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  1. 22/09/2005Kevin says:

    You know, the girl you met who couldn’t quite grasp the whole TLAPD thing may have stumbled upon an even funnier idea – Talk Like A Pommy day.

    Just think – a whole day of whinging and whining about everything and every now and then getting the chance to gloat about their sporting prowese (albeit a very rare occurance).

    In fact, we could fill the whole year with Talk Like A (insert something here) days. The amusement value alone would make it worth the effort. Oh, imagine the jocularity of “Talk Like A Southern US Redneck Day” when we could just lobotomise ourselves for a whole 24 hours.

    The possibilities are endless….