New Haircut

by Mitch on 30/09/2005
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I went to my hair dresser today and did the normal routine. We joked around for a while about how I am always making her open late because I work long hours, we joked about how I was finally sober when she was seeing me and I sat in the chair ready for my usual haircut.

Now, I normally say, “clippers up the side, a bit of length on the top, but not too much so I can spike it a little.”

Today I said, “okay Lisa, give me what you got! My hair is yours, do what you will!”

Now, the look in her eye should have told me to be careful. Or maybe it was the way she used the clippers and scissors. One way or anything, I ended up with possibly the worlds craziest haircut and I honestly love it! She zigged, she zagged and she carved out a masterpiece.

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  1. 30/09/2005Kevin says:

    I once saw a guy with his sideburns artistically turned into the Nike swishy thing. He was an odd bod. Haircuts are a necessary evil and I have been banned from giving them to myself by my hairdresser. She is no fun.