Fuck AOL

by Mitch on 23/10/2005

At the risk of being seriously cliché and hating AOL, I just had to say it. Fuck them, fuck them in their stupid asses. I have used Mailblocks e-mail services for a long time and even invested in buying the pro account, which after conversion to US dollars, cost me quite a bit. I did so because I loved the spam protection they had to offer.

Well about 6 months ago, AOL acquired Mailblocks and said that they would keep the service and maintain the website. As of about 2 weeks ago I have been informed this isn’t the case and I am downright pissed off.

My email address has been MitchMalone [at] mailblocks [dot] com for almost two years now. It’s easy to remember, most of my friends have it and it’s mine. Now I have to settle for the next best alternative username provided by AOL’s terrific system: [email protected] Why don’t they just assign me the email, [email protected] Pricks.

Now I am off to configure SpamAssassin and hope for the best. Wish me luck my fellow spam haters!

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  1. 24/10/2005Kevin says:

    Hmm, this could be a precursor to the AOL and Google merger you talked about a few asides back – AOL are definitely the evil empire.

  2. 23/11/2005horacio de la cruz says:

    Hi mitch

    I also hate those mother fuckers of AOL, I lost 100 mb of emails.

    I need my emails back, they say they got the instructions below, but don´t show a shit.

    Can you tell if you done something to get your old emails is what bothers me and I need.

    Thos mother fuckers don´t have where to contact anyone not even mailblocks.

    They say that you contact mailblocks for a refund but there´s no fuckin´link to it.

    I´m so fucking pissed off I want got to business bureau or do something with those bastards.

  3. 22/12/2005FUCK YOU AOL!!!! says:

    FUCK AOL!!


    I agree with all of them!!

    Google is now being forced to use their slow fucking loading flashy ass ads and it’s pissing me the fuck off!My sites are going to run slow as hell now thanks to FUCKING AOL!! I will still support Google through all this AOL shit though I hope Google buys ALL of Fucking AOL!! I don’t want their Stupid ASSES to Exist any more


    Shit, we should start a “FUCK AOL” Club!

  4. 2/01/2006Nudecybot says:

    I too am very upset. I never even got the customer notification about the discontinuation of the excellent Mailblocks application. I checked out the AOL mail application and it really does suck.

    Phil Goldman has got to be rolling in his all too early grave. I cannot believe the disservice to his memory and to his customers, he was an awesome entreprenneur and a truly great guy.

  5. 27/06/2006bananas on toast » I FUCKING WON! says:

    […] This morning a letter arrived from the US and I thought it was going to be another similar letter. I studied the envelope carefully and considered throwing it out until I took a close look and realised it was from America Online (AOL). Some will remember my small gripe with AOL (October 23, 2005) after they closed down Mailblocks, the mail service I had used and trusted for quite some time. […]

  6. 7/07/2006Ray Bilbo says:

    I agree with all of you. I have subscribed to Compuserve and AOL for over 15 years and AOL has declined badly over the last 5 years.
    There are almost as many ads in this PAY SERVICE as the “free” ones. The last straw is animated ads ON EACH AND EVERY EMAIL.
    August 1st and AOL is history in my house.
    I am sure I am not alone in this.
    Put me down as a charter member of the club.

  7. 28/07/2006Overseer says:

    AOL = amrica online (excuse my spelling) SO WHY THE FUCK IS IT IN THE UK? WE DONT WANT THE SHITTY US INTERNET LAWS HERE AND ADVERTS THAT GO WITH IT, the world would be a better place without AOL = LOL

  8. 30/07/20061978LT says:

    OMG How fucking true! I tried their dialup after having cable modem, and it is SOOOO painfully SLOOOOOW. I’m going back to cable!!!!

  9. 7/08/2006AOL is slower than constipation says:

    AOL is slower than constipation!!!!AOL is a bunch of greedy bastards!!! I hate AOfuckingL!!! those mother fucking greedy bastards!! PS:AOL is a motherfucker,don’t buy it,it sucks a sweaty penis!!!!

  10. 28/08/2006cdrmk says:

    I too have just recently suffured[Aug27/06] because of their corporate greed, PR bullshit & their thinking that they can “pull it off’ & get away with “it” -this 3rd time attempted

  11. 1/09/2006Keith says:

    Well first of all they are even worse now as you cannot access the computer without them once you’ve downloaded them. You cannot delete the entire file so they keep showing up like the MAFIA and force you to go through them even though you have broadband and click on internet explorer. You close the box they try opening and click back on Internet explorer and there they are again! And I can’t even use my yahoo account now its almost like they secretly force you to have to only use them!You go to stopbadware.com and imprints a double URL so you cant get to that site to report them! And worst of all their customer service agents are fucking idiots and tell you that there must be a problem with YOUR computer even tho I deleted everything else just fine like earthlink, netzero, juno, yahoo etc., and NEVER had a problem with my computer before! Its like they know what their doing they’re manipulating the system through consiracy! Their a get rich quick scheme that America is too stupid to realize as they dont properly train their employees because they dont care thats why they keep billing your ass months after you canceled! and they get away with all of this how? Cause people like you and I dont sue their fuckin ass! Lets get togther there is enough dirt to start a multi class action suit to put their fuckin ass out of business and have the CEO’s thrown the fuck in PRISON!

  12. 1/09/2006Keith says:

    [email removed by moderator]