Burning For You

by Mitch on 25/10/2005

My heart is the flame of an innocent candle
Yours is the lips, breathing and extinguishing
I burn continually only for your lips to take away
Your words slowly break my flame to ash

I flicker and hope, as you talk gently to my soul
Your words tickle my edges and make me dance
A whisper of the truth makes my soul shake
And loud words will almost stop the light I create

You speak kind words and I stand tall, burning gently
Against the darkness of night I stand out to you
But in the light of day I can go almost unnoticed
The breeze and sunlight are too strong for me then

Charred ashes sit on a pool of melted wax
Once my burning soul, now the simple remnants of life
The leftovers of what I felt and feel, now empty
Ashes the only reminder of what once was

I don’t know yet how much I like it…

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  1. 26/10/2005Ryan Lindsay says:

    I like the line
    “But in the light of day I can go almost unnoticed”
    The resonance in that line is awesome. Really makes you think about what somehting is, and what situation it needs to be in to be appreciated. Just a thought…

  2. 27/10/2005Mik says:

    Heyman, thats great. Did you write it? I still would love to turn one of your poems into a song.

  3. 27/10/2005Mitch says:

    Ryan: Thanks dude, your feedback is always welcome! I’m still working on a way to properly give praise to your own writing here.

    Mike: Yeah dude, I wrote it the other night actually, as opposed to the vault from back at Uni days. Nothing would make me happier than hearing you perform my writing. Obviously it may need editing to fit a song, but feel free to use any of my poems any way you see fit bro.

  4. 27/10/2005Mik says:

    oh definantly, I would, even pick out one liners and give you co-writing credits. Some lines and phrases are great! 😉

  5. 28/10/2005Mikaela says:

    It’s beautiful Mitch

  6. 28/10/2005Mitch says:

    Mikaela: thanks so much for the comment, it made me smile! I am really glad you liked it! 😀