Must Follow – Issue #1

by Mitch on 31/10/2005

On the right hand side I have added an extra heading called “Must Follow.” It will house a random link of sites that are most important to me. Although only three links currently exist there, it will be a growing list of sites that simply must be visited.

Lik-Wid – The Independant Artist
Surely everyone knows how important these guys are to me. They are an inspiration and some of my best friends, you must go to their site and you definitely need to buy their CD when it launches, it’s not too far now!

The Writing of Ryan K. Lindsay
Stink Brown dot ORG
One of my best friends and a talented writer. More to come about Ryan later, but for now it’s enough if you check it out and buy his book!

Movember – Grow a mo’ for a charity!
Definately a worthy cause, if I had of know earlier I’d definately be entering a team for work!

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  1. 1/11/2005Ryan Lindsay says:

    Man, thanks for the free plug, it is just what I need! I have already moved a few units of my book, and have an article in the local rag very soon…so things seem to be looking very much up! As for the other two sites, I have checked out the lik-wid site, and was very impressed, as I was also with Mik’s site, and as for Movember…that’s the best idea ever! If I had known about it in 2003 when I was still at uni, but had finished studying I would’ve been all over it like white on rice in a paper cup in a snowstorm. Unfortunately, being a primary school teacher may hinder my ability to unashamedly grow a pimpin’ mo this year! Dammit! But there could always be time for a quick ‘Festivus’ mo when I go home for the festive season these hols…

  2. 4/11/2005Mik says:

    thanks for the Lik-Wid plug man…