by Mitch on 4/12/2005

So I went a bit nuts over at flickr earlier and uploaded a LOT of photos, including exclusive shots of the 7 six-packs my mother bought me, RAWK! Check them out, post some comments and most of all remember how much I love you all.

Fridge full of imports 1 by on

Fridge full of imports 1, originally uploaded by bananasontoast on

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  1. 5/12/2005riina says:

    Cool pics! :)
    And your mom’s gotta be awesome too. Mine would never buy me beer or anything like that. lol 😀

  2. 5/12/2005Kevin says:

    It is always nice to know your mum is contributing to your long term liver issues – what a woman. LOL

    Say hi to her for me – I’ve always liked her.

  3. 6/12/2005Ryan Lindsay says:

    It’s all about the Bud and Coronas there my friend. You lucky bastard! Have one (of each) for me.

  4. 6/12/2005Mitch says:

    Riina: Yeah, my mum pretty much rocks like no other. It’s Christmas and everyone deserves to be drunk and merry, even she understands that. :)
    Kevin: Shall definately say hi. She realises that, with or without her contribution, my liver will fail before too long.
    Ryan: My pick would be the Grolsh and Heineken, but I shall definately have one of each for you matie. All 7!