Google unites IM with E-mail

by Mitch on 8/02/2006

If Google goes ahead with plans to unite IM with e-mail it will make a lot of people happy and maybe loosen MSN’s current grip on the IM market. Live advertising based on current chat content anyone?

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  1. 9/02/2006Kevin says:

    Bundling all of their content and applications together could make Google the new Microsoft. I think that because Google basically started as a garage company, the way they work is viewed differently to the way Microsoft does.

    I know that sounds like a rap for MS, but remember, Osama was a hero to the Americans when he and his cronies booted the Russians out of Afghanistan.

  2. 19/02/2006Mitch says:

    I think their bundling doesn’t intrude in any way, so I don’t think it could ever be harmful. Personally I hate the fact that I have to carry a thumbdrive around with me to store stuff when I’d much rather just access it all from a central Google location.