25 is never enough…

by Mitch on 14/02/2006
25 is never enough... by http://www.flickr.com/people/bananasontoast/ on flickr.com

25 is never enough…, originally uploaded by bananasontoast on flickr.com.

These are 25 of the most influence bands and albums of my life. I’m not out to impress anyone with my eclectic or good taste, and in fact these albums aren’t necessarily my favorite albums, just the albums that have effected my life or remind me of better times. They are not in order of preference and I do realize that there are two Gun’s N’ Roses albums there, but they were both a huge part of my life for many years.

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  1. 15/02/2006Ryan Lindsay says:

    Mitch, you’ve got some good stuff there, but it all seems to be kinda similar. Where are the soundtracks? Where are the broadway musicals that I know you like so much…? Where’s the Sinatra?
    But seriously, this is a pretty good list, might even make one of my own one of these days, though we both know mine woul dbe very different to yours…

  2. 15/02/2006Kevin says:

    Music has never had any major influence on my life. Certainly, I do enjoy certain bands/singers/musical styles, but they have never influenced me to think in any particular way or do things in my life differently or even bring out some kind of emotional response, although I will say that whenever I get depressed, REMs Everybody Hurts get’s played quite a lot more than most other songs.

    It is nice to see at least one album in there I have in my collection.

  3. 21/02/2006Mik says:

    I notice ‘Breathing for the first time’ is in there too… Good work, I am glad a piece of us was a influence in your life and the maniac you’ve become!

  4. 11/03/2006Mitch says:

    You boys and your music has been a major influence on my life this last few years and contributed majorly to who I am today.