Techdirt: Judge Says He’ll Make Google Cough Up Some Info For Feds

by Mitch on 15/03/2006

Remember all the anti-trust issues people had with Google when they found out that Google keep all their data for research? Imagine the fortune of a government that can manipulate Google into sharing their data with them. Honestly, does the American government have nothing better to do than work out new ways to spy on their (and other) citizens?

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  1. 16/03/2006Kevin says:

    I read this article in the local newspaper (read tabloid crappy Telegraph) and thought that it all seemed a little too suspicious that the US Government claimed that they we only trying to find ways to stop minors accessing inappropriate web sites – and if you believe that, you may be interested in purchasing an Opera House that recently came into my posession.

    I would assume that what they are asking for would be close to the kinds of information that could be gleaned off the hard drives of confiscated computers, given to them by your own ISP and by typing the words “underage deastiality sluts” into a search engine.

    In 2006, there are no freedoms left that are guranteed – it is really only a matter of time before our own government starts targeting us in their own fight for “morality”.

  2. 16/03/2006Mitch says:

    Personally I have no problem with Google keeping information on my browsing/search habits, due entirely to the fact that I don’t do anything I am ashamed of, but I don’t want a government having access to any such thing. They would even have access to chat records. Cheat your taxes and brag to a friend online, next thing you know you are some big guys bitch in jail. No thanks.