James Blunt Sucks

by Mitch on 30/03/2006

Now don’t judge this entry before you read it, it’s actually about a very important subject: James Blunt really is the most pathetic artist to ever make a hit. Besides, I haven’t been this blatently horrible since I spoke about Big Brother, so I deserve this rant. How this whingey, whiney, piece of crap ever got signed is beyond me, but the fact that some people seem to think him crying about some kind of lost boyfriend is even more mind boggling.

I’ve been meaning to write this for a while but my respect for other peoples musical tastes has held me back I’ve been too busy, however I can stay silent no longer. If this is some April fools joke that is brewing in the back of the mind of some musical talent agent (i.e. “Hahaha, I knew that I could make the world public actually listen to this tool!”), I think it’s safe to say the joke is over.

Today I was walking around the office and overheard the latest awful hit from this crybaby crooning across the speaker system. “Goodbye my lover, goodbye my frie–” I punch at the skip button and I am never so grateful for the rancid sound of Lifehouse. Now, to clarify, I am not a big Lifehouse fan, but hearing them honestly makes me want to dance.

Now before you hit the comment button and type something in his defense, have you seriously listened to the song You’re Beautiful? This song describes a girl he saw on a subway and apparently “shared a moment that will last till the end.” I am sure that when 16 year old girls listen to this song and see some super hot Blunt-like guy on a subway somewhere staring at their tits and call it a moment. But in all seriously, he just likes cleavage like most guys, sorry to break your heart.

I think that the song Goodbye My Lover would have to take the Worst-Song-In-The-Top-40-For-At-Least-The-Last-6-Times-Mitch-Has-Listened-To-Radio award. I would honestly rather watch Ashlee Simpson make a fool of herself on Saturday Night Life (big link, huh?) while having a cannibalistic midget perform fellatio on me then listen to this shit. As if it’s not bad enough that he has to sing, it’s even worse that he has to use this whining tone. I doubt he could sound any more like a crybaby if he tried, it makes me sick.

Go download the album from Napster, Bittorent, eMule, WinMX, Limewire or whatever downloading tool you use, just don’t buy it (I wouldn’t wish that kind of dissatisfying purchase on my worst enemy). Keep it in your C:MusicKill Myself Playlist folder, just in case you ever feel suicidal and ever need the push over the edge. Either that or you can just listen to it and tilt your hat to whatever marketing genius actually brainwashed people into listening to this shite. You choose.

Disclaimer: I hold no responsibility for James Blunt driving any reader of bananas on toast to suicide. I also do not condone this listening of such appalling music. Furthermore, I cannot be held accountable for any guys going sterile from the complete lack of quaility in this album, it’s just not my fault.

Update: Due to the fact I have better things to do with my time than argue with whiney James Blunt fans I have disabled commenting. I guess if you have something further to say on the matter you’ll have to start your own stupid website.

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  1. 30/03/2006Claire says:

    james blunt is lovely and i love him and i am going to see him v soon and your a bastard mitchell malone. u are off the love list and how dare u bag him! he is better than ur stupid geek ass so yeah. and i am not angry on msn!!!

    I love you

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  2. 30/03/2006Mitch says:

    I love you too

  3. 30/03/2006Claire says:

    you know thats not what i wrote u ass!

  4. 30/03/2006Lici says:

    Wow. Just… Wow.

    You make me glad I’ve never heard of the guy. (Yes, I don’t get out much, but you should know that xD)

    That was quite a good rant actually. Amusing.

  5. 31/03/2006Mik says:

    That was great Mitch, rather halarious take on pent up anger over such a loser like James Blunt (Not refering to our look-a-like friend Daily)

  6. 31/03/2006Kevin says:

    I honestly wouldn’t use that review when you go for your interview at Rolling Stone…

    What’s a James Blunt?

  7. 4/04/2006Jay says:

    His songs are somewhat depressing. Even though “goodbye my lover” has some deep meaning behind it, it still is one of those songs that makes you wanna go and step in front of a moving bus.
    I used to like “you’re beautiful” but it got the asshole played out of it and now it’s just annoying. Yeah, and I agree that you can’t have “a moment” on the subway with a stranger. They were probably, as you said, just looking at your tits/ass/something else attractive to the opposite sex and probably just undressing you in their mind.

  8. 4/04/2006Mitch says:

    See, Jay knows what I am talking about! Amen sistah!

  9. 7/04/2006locky says:

    o dude… ashley simpsons… how fucking mad is that rat

  10. 10/04/2006Brit says:

    Well, you sure are open minded arent you!

    Let’s just clarify something first. ‘You’re Beautiful’ is written about an ex-girlfriend he saw at the subway with her new boyfriend, they “shared a moment” in that they lived a lifetime in that quick moment they caught each others eye. It’s not about some random chick her saw with her titties out & about!

    So I am going to assume you haven’t heard any of the other songs on ‘Back to Bedlam’ because if you had you might not be so fucking pig headed about the guy. ‘Goodbye my Lover’ & ‘You’re Beautiful’ are the most commercial songs on the album, I understand how they can annoy people, but if he wants to stay in the business, keep making money & most of all, keep making music, obviously he’s going to release what was going to be the most popular songs first.

    His songs aren’t all about love & typical topics like that. He deals with issues that are close to his heart, he is open, honest & real! Alot more than can be said of other artists making music these days.

    I don’t care for the fact you don’t like his music, I am just disgusted by what you’ve had to say. Next time his song comes on the radio just switch it off! Don’t make a huge song & dance about it like you’re going to die! Or maybe try listening to the album so you can see for yourself how unique & talented an artist James Blunt is!

  11. 10/04/2006Jane says:

    You talk a load of codswallop. Go get a life. You are just jealous of James. Ha Ha Ha to you.

  12. 10/04/2006Peach Rose93 says:

    OMG how can you believe that intelligent people will really listen to you???lol! You’re only making a pleasure to James Blunt’s fans like me deleting comments and showing your (im)maturity!

  13. 10/04/2006emma says:

    whats wrong whit you!!!!??

  14. 10/04/2006gena says:

    Well, a few of the songs are quite depressing, but if one would take the time to listen to the rest, you’d see there is more than gloom and doom. The beauty of his songs is that they reflect real-life experiences for many people, which is why many people relate so well.
    If someone knew the ‘real’ story behing ‘you’re beautiful’…it’s not about seeing a stranger in the subway. It’s a very personal song about seeing an ex-girlfriend in the subway, with her new man, and sharing a moment during that exchange and then never seeing/speaking to her again. It’s quite depressing, I’ll admit.
    I happen to love James’ music and have been to many, many shows. If you don’t like his style or manner of singing, of course, your opinion is noted, but the harshness is a bit much, considering your ignorance in the story behind his music. Thanks for the opportunity to comment. Hope my words won’t be edited.

  15. 10/04/2006Ruby says:

    I think somebody’s jealous ………..

  16. 10/04/2006Mitch says:

    @locky: Word, Ashlee is hot, but as dumb as shit.

    @Brit: Thanks for proving my point, not only is James Blunt a whining twat, but apparently his fans are too.

    @Jane: Yes, clearly all my ambitions in life revolve around making it in the music industry as a whining girl. I am so jealous. Woe is me.

    @Peach Rose93: Firstly, nice net-handle, ass! Secondly, I don’t believe I deleted anyones comment. I made an edit to a comment which can still be read and plainly understood as a joke to a friend.

    @emma: Yes, clearly it is me with the problem here.

    @gena: Thank you for showing just a touch of intelligence with your comment. As for the edit of the first comment by Claire, it was meant as a joke and can still be easily read. My comments may be harsh, but I am not forcing anyone to read them. Unlike bullshit radio making me listen to James whinging and whining every five minutes. Thank you for commenting.

    @Ruby: Read comment to Jane.

  17. 10/04/2006Mik says:

    Mitch: You’re a legend… Lov ya bro.

  18. 10/04/2006Lici says:

    Wow! Hahaha. Teen fan girls. *sigh* So amusing.

  19. 10/04/2006Lee says:

    These song are amazing.. If you take the time to well understand the lyrics, it’s really wonderfull..His music it’s real life..it’s about his past… it’s not fake.. YOU are a sucker, not James…..’cause james rocks ! He is so talented.. You can hate him, but you don’t have to say a lot of negative things about him… Like other persons said, you’re are only jealous of James…

  20. 10/04/2006Brit says:

    Age isn’t an issue here! I’m not a whinging teenybopper! If I were I wouldn’t have had the courage to respond to your idiotic message.

    No one is forcing you to listen to his music it’s your choice to listen James Blunt while he is playing on the radio.

    I responded to your message because your points are said out of dislike for an artist you know nothing about. If you had worthwhile comments to say that were backed up with a mature reason then I would gracefully accept you don’t appreciate his music. But instead, you’re bashing him without even understanding his music or where his lyrics come from.

    Be respectful of our comments & we’ll respect yours….providing you have something intelligent to argue back with.

  21. 10/04/2006Lici says:

    Brit, you know, I hate to point it out, but you girls are kind of becoming the butt of the joke. :rofl:

    So Mitch had a rant about someone he doesn’t like. Who cares? It’s not like his weblog is some hugely popular website (no offense Mitch!), so it doesn’t matter, and likewise, no one cares what you think. Other than that you’re carrying on like a teenybopper which you claim you’re not, and giving us a good laugh.

  22. 10/04/2006Brit says:

    Laugh away! I more than half expected it! And I couldn’t care if I’m giving you all a good laugh! And believe what you want, call me a teenybopper that’s fine! I know what I am & I stand by my comments!

    It’s like I’ve said, I don’t care Mitch doesn’t like the music, I care that’s he’s being so immature with his comments!

    I’ll admit I got carried away with my first post but I’ve always been so respectful of whatever it is people are interested in and it shocks me when I come across people who can just be so rude & negative. I don’t appreciate that kind of an attitude.

    I’m glad to be a source of amusement to you all!

  23. 10/04/2006Josh says:

    Your a faget mitch… James Blunt deserves more respect then most other musicians… Mainly because he joined the army and made something outta himself (u probably haven’t even payed ur taxes let alone serve ur country in that way)… and also He has a very distinct sounding voice and it works… so what I am pretty much getting at is that ur a BIG FAGET… I wish they would send u to Iraq then u will realize what respect is… dumb ass

  24. 10/04/2006Claire says:

    Yeah so that first message edited was a joke, but what is actually funnier than mitch being a toss editing my comment is listening to you guys go on! Oh my God! Makes me actually ashamed to say i love James Blunt (and im going to see him thursday – yay!) As for saying your respectful of what other people write, its obviously not true because you beat the shit out of mitch’s opinion because he isnt some teeny bopper who loves everything on the radio.
    Brit (…as in Spears?) – its not hate that kills off artists (song writers, actors etc), its indifference. so let the guy have his rant. so yes, i love james blunt, but, and ask mitch, i read it when i was on the phone to him – and while indignant – i laughed quiet a bit. so laugh, stop being so defensive. of course he’s going to say its about an ex-girlfriend (and im not saying its not) but it does sell more records and everyone can say he really cares and understands human nature. What a load of crap. I didnt think anyone was that naive anymore when it came to media and entertainment.
    God i love democracy. free speech is great.

  25. 10/04/2006Jacob says:

    mitch is right. james is sexy though. see me for further comments boy

  26. 10/04/2006Mik says:

    This post is gold… Keep going, maybe we can make it some kind of record…???

    I am think I should syndicate this post throughout my various blogs! w00t

  27. 10/04/2006Hlnett says:

    If i ever see you in person Mitch, who ever you are Ill give you a big kick in the nads. you are so up yourself we’ll have to suck you out with a vacume.

    I am a big James Blunt Fan. so it may seem. You should respect what peoples tastes are in music.

    Arrrh. Im judging befor i meet you. Im so sorry. You’re probebloy just like my Bro’s anyway. So go to Hell


  28. 10/04/2006Jay says:

    Mitch, I hope you’ve learnt your lesson young man!
    How dare you post YOUR opinion on YOUR blog!

  29. 10/04/2006vicci... says:

    hey mitch…
    i hope u remember who i am… met you a couple of fridays ago at tha pas.trol..lol
    u made a comment to me that i was stalkin u and sexy rob cause i knew who u guys were but u’s didn’t know me…

    this james blunt faise of sobby luv songs will be ova very shortly like most singers who make a top 10 with their first release…. give it time and he will be a thing of tha past…. 🙂 (‘dear god i hope so’)

  30. 10/04/2006Lici says:

    Oh my gosh… They got more of their little friends to attack you, Mitch! Rofl!

    @ Jay: Haha. Good call. xD

    Oh, and I’m so used to Gaiaonline… It uses [b],[i], etc instead of etc… So much more handy when you don’t have to press Shift 😛

  31. 10/04/2006Lici says:

    *smacks forhead* My gosh, I’m an itiot. I forgot the space in the >_

  32. 10/04/2006Kevin says:

    I can hardly wait to see what happens when you start to attack the new series of Big Bother, Australian Idiot and Dancing With Scars.

  33. 10/04/2006James 4Ever says:

    What did you say? James sucks? Are you serious? Oh my god, I really can`t underatand why people can think so about the best musician of the world! Come on, he is great! He has got a wonderful voice and he sings wonderful songs.
    You said “You`re beautiful” is terrible? Well, I think you don`t understand the sense of this song! He saw his ex-girlfriend, not any girl. And it was at the undergoround, so I think he couldn`t see more than her head!
    Do you know the more real base why you dislike him? I tell you it: He ROCKS! And he is beautiful! And he is simple the best!

  34. 10/04/2006YourMOM says:

    Um your a loser and you need major HELP! FREAK!

  35. 10/04/2006tweety says:

    I agree, your just jeolous idiot!!!! At least James is laughing all the way to the bank!!!!Your a friggin fool!!! You tell him hlnett!!!! I love James, his music and everything about him!!! He has a wonderful voice!!!! He does ROCK!!!!


  36. 10/04/2006Mitch says:

    @Josh: Firstly, the correct spelling of the word is “faggot”. Secondly, with a chick magnet email of [email protected] I don’t think you should be judging anyones sexuality. I thought to myself that a comment such as “I wish they would send u to Iraq then u will realize what respect is” could only come from an American or a Canadian so I looked at your profile and what do you know? I think that for an 18 year old student you shouldn’t be bitching about whether I pay my taxes or not, but rather you should improve your education and learn to spell.

    @Mik: I’d have to say the funniest part is the cycle this type of thing creates. Every time a James Blunt fan comes to my site and posts a comment I move up in Google rank and attract more of these disolusioned deadbeats. It’s awesome!

    @Hlnett: Oh no, not the “nads”!

    @Jay: Oh wait, this is my blog?

    @vicci: You totally are stalking me! And yes, we all pray the world forgets James Blunt.

    @James 4Ever: You obviously coin the phrase “best musician of the world” for every artist in your shitty CD collection, so I won’t even comment on you saying it about James Blunt, but saying he has “a wonderful voice” is something I simply can’t forgive. He whinges, he whines and he sounds like he is being forced to sing at gunpoint.

  37. 11/04/2006James 4Ever says:

    Oh dear, poor Mitch…………………..
    You are just jealous, becous every girl loves him, but nobody loves you!

  38. 11/04/2006Lee says:

    You’ve right james4ever… I’m totally agree with you 🙂

    VIVA BLUNTYYYYY !!!!!!!!!!

  39. 11/04/2006q pup says:

    seeming i’m gunna enjoy reading this latest post you told me bout earlier tonight, i’m gunna post a comment first. james blunt does suck, so i wont judge it before i read it like the opening line. i bet the comments before this will crack me up too. brb

  40. 11/04/2006q pup says:

    man that was amusing as all hell. oh yeah ashlee simpson is not hot, neither is her sister, and james blunt looks like daly. nuf said. think so

  41. 11/04/2006Mik says:

    “…he sounds like he is being forced to sing at gunpoint.”

    hahaha dont stop man, this is too good!

  42. 11/04/2006Harmony says:

    Mitch although i do like his new song ,i don’t like his voice ,it does nothing for me.I believe for people to say i love J.B forever makes me laugh because it’s not like we’re talking about Led Zeplin or David Bowie or even the backstreet boys (as bad a comparison as this may be or mabye not 🙂 James Blunt will never be big enough to break musical barriers and introduce us to something new like the above named musicians.He will stay in a semi comfortable position in the aussie music industry and will never be world renowned like many simplistic folky oooh look at how deep and emotionally challenged i am and how i’ve been hurt garbage.or the i can be quasi -intellectual through my crafting of average,boring music that is really quite a waste of time and look at how my female fans adore me and feel sorry for me cause i’m a big lamo,a pitiful excuse for a singer and i need to project how i feel to girls cause in reality i have to make up for the fact that i can’t get it up so mabye they will feel sorry enough for me and just be happy with who i am on the inside.I mean how important is the ritual of sex anyway when i can make love to them with my words and music.

  43. 11/04/2006Claire says:

    wow. mature. everybody loves him and nobody loves you mitch! ha have a come back to that one! Are you feeling unloved Mitchell?

  44. 11/04/2006Lee says:

    Harmony….I don’t understand what you means ? I don’t understand your point of view… Sorry….I’ve read what you wrote, and I don’t see the bonds…….

  45. 11/04/2006Mik says:


  46. 11/04/2006Lee says:

    What ?!?!

  47. 11/04/2006Lee says:

    what ??

  48. 11/04/2006Harmony says:

    Lee this is Mitch’s blog therefore the comment was for him,so you don’t need to understand why and you don’t have to “get” it cause it’s for my benifit and his and whatever other aquatances and friends i know and have on here…so basically don’t worry about it.

  49. 11/04/2006Lee says:

    oohhh ok ! 😉 nice… no problem !

  50. 11/04/2006Kevin says:

    Did anyone else notice that the world didn’t stop turning because of this particular blog entry?

  51. 11/04/2006James 4Ever says:

    I think we don`t want that the world will stop turning! I just want to tell you that James HAS GOT a beautiful voice and that he is the best, really the best. Not just for me! For a lot of othere people too.
    And well, it is normal that you dislike him. You have got another flavor, but I think just becouse you dislike two songs (“You`re beautiful” and “Goodbye my Lover”)you can not really say how he is! Have you ever listened to his Demos? Or his other songs on the album? I bet you haven`t, so you can`t say how his other songs are! And his demos are great! Really, they are funny and you want to dance all along. I think you should listen to some demos and after it we will see if James is really this “Looser” (how you called him)!

  52. 11/04/2006Lyds says:

    I am a James fan and I have been to see him and that was the best day of my life. He has a great voice and his sexy. I have to admit that YB is getting a bit boring now because it has been played over and over again but it is still a great song with lots of meaning. And GML well it’s his most honest song and when he sings it you can see the emotion in his face. I love listening to all his songs because all of them are different not all of them are whining love songs, most of them are more rocky and lively. He’s done covers on songs from the Pixies and U2 etc. I think he has done really well and he knows how life is in poverty because he has seen people live with no money and death all round them. If you want to diss him then its up to you but I think he has done better than other artists. James is going to be around for a while.

  53. 11/04/2006atena says:

    hey, if u dont like his music,just dont listen.i bet u’ve got no taste in music.there’s no need to write these stupid words here.james blunt fans dont care really.so do not bother yourself.

  54. 11/04/2006Mitch says:

    Ok Ok I am really sorry. I shouldn’t have said what I said about James. I’ve had a rethink and I am wrong. Actually I really am starting to like his music. I can see the attraction. I am also inclined to say that he has some quite powerful tracks.

    Please all fans of James accept my appologies.
    I will take more care in future

  55. 11/04/2006Brit says:

    hmmm, well looks like my job is done here!

    Think what you want! If I’m a teenybopper in all your narrow minds then that is what I am! I don’t listen to Top 40 music. I make up my own mind for the music I listen to. I listen to music that inspires me & I generally enjoy! Shit like Britney Spears (top 40) doesn’t inspire me!

    It just says something about James that he’s in the top 40. That is that he’s bloody talented & has something going for him.

    We’ll be the ones laughing at you when years down the track he still has dedicated fans & he’s still producing mind blowing music.

  56. 11/04/2006Terri says:


    That was very big of you. Well done. It’s not often a man will admit he was wrong.

    You can now hold your head up with pride.

  57. 11/04/2006Terri says:

    Ooh Mitch I was replying to your earlier post but it’s disapeared.

    Please re-post

  58. 11/04/2006Terri says:

    Hello mitch are you there?

    For those who missed his post – Mitch apologised to James Blunt Fans for his original put down of James. He said something along the lines of ‘had a rethink, he was wrong and he is starting to like his music and that some have very powerful lyrics..’ Anyway I sure Mitch will re-post soon! It was a lovely post Mitch.

    Thanks again!

  59. 12/04/2006Mitch says:

    @Kevin: Apparently nobody noticed, since asshats keep coming to my site and bitching at me.

    @Lyds: Thanks for being the first person to comment with half an ounce of grammar, spelling and common sense. Again, I disagree, the man just irritates me. We all have opinions though.

    @Terri: Very humurous with the fake post, I honestly nearly busted my sides when I got home and read it. Unfortunately I was out living my life and not sitting around listening to every bitchy James Blunt fan who comes by my site. Perhaps if you used some correct grammar and didn’t put an “xx” at the end of the comment it may have been believed by some. Perhaps if you used the correct e-mail address and the comment displayed my Gravater it may have been believed by some. But, I am afraid, the only rethinking I have done is just how pathetic James’ fans can be.

    @atena: Here at bananas on toast I write whatever I want to write, if you don’t like it, don’t read it.

    @Everyone: Remember, opinions are like ass holes, everyone has one. The only difference is that I don’t care about yours.

  60. 12/04/2006Peach Rose93 says:

    Ref: “The only difference is that I don’t care about yours.”
    You rock babe this is democracy! I love your way to express opinions!!! See you soon my dear ass (as you called me).

  61. 12/04/2006Terri says:

    Ooooh Mitch

    I don’t know what you’re on about!

    You seem a little tense. Hope you are o.k !!!!!

    I don’t know – youth of today!!!!!

  62. 12/04/2006Mitch says:

    Peach Rose93: This isn’t a democracy, it’s a dictatorship, period. I write what I feel like here.

  63. 12/04/2006meow goes the cat says:

    okay i must agree, when i heard that ‘youre beutiful’ song i nearly ripped out my ear drums so i could never hear such a made for radio soppy piece of crap song ever ever EVER again. the part that really pissed me off is in the song he says ‘coz ive got a plan’ and then he says ;ill never be with you’. im confused. what is your plan again. Tahts right, you dont have one dildo!
    But…. then my mum got me the album, and theres some really REALLY GOOD songs on it. like no bravery has got to be one of the best songs ever written. if i had taken him on a value of this first (still dont really like it) song and never listened to the album then it would have been a big loss for for me. i hope not to offend anyone who is a big fan of him or that song but it is my opinion. and i have the right to it as do you to yours.
    You have to admti, this has really got people talking. isnt that in its self a good thing???

  64. 12/04/2006Corey says:

    You are a sad, strange little man…or woman? I don’t care. I just like to quote disney movies to insult people. Oh yeah, James Blunt is a very exceptional artist compared to most of the american idol, rap wannabe, douche twats that think they can make music. Fin.

  65. 18/04/2006Zeus says:

    Mitch your statements are pathetic and you havnt even backed up what you have said.

    I dont like hes depressing songs either but you just cant come out of no where and call millions of people stupid that have bought his album.

    The guy is talented making millions and you are just being laughed at..

  66. 18/04/2006locky says:

    wat a sensitive subject eh

    i wonder if that song got played just once on radio would it have the same effect… no.. because at first listen its a heap a shit.. so people cant say o its a great song… they say that now… cus they been brainwashed by tv and radio saying its good…
    make ur own opinions…
    i recognise yes its a catchy lil fucker.. but its just to force feed for people to like it…
    all i can say is if it were put to a radio program for voters to give it a yeh or nah… at first listen everyone would shit on it… after its been pumped in there head and every newspaper and magazine and tv program has told people its the BEST SONG EVER WRITTEN .. of course then the dumb ass’s of the world would think.. yeh its the best song around he so hot i wanna boof him….

    yeh for mitch.. fuck james blunt.. annoyin midget he is..
    i bet he has a manjina..

  67. 18/04/2006lysane says:

    You’re so stupide… The peoples who loves James doesn’t have been brainwashed by tv and radio. There are persons who loves him and other who doesn’t loves James..But it’s only a personal opinion… You love or not… thats it ! I love him and I’m pround to say that !

  68. 18/04/2006Trent says:

    lysane, good point, bad grammar, and can easily be argued against.

  69. 19/04/2006Mitch says:

    lysane: Learn to spell.

  70. 19/04/2006lysane says:

    euhh… why you said that ? Why “good point..” I’ve never said this… ..

    Moi au moins, contrairement àvous, je sais me débrouiller dans une autre langue, autre que la mienne… Alors mangez donc de la marde… Si vous êtes pas content, vous n’avez qu’a ne pas lire ce que j’écris… Je dis mon opinion et c’est tout..Je ne juge personne sur leur manière d’écrire.. L’anglais n’est pas ma langue première, mais au moins je sais me débrouiller.. Contrairement àvous, qui ne savez p-e même pas comment comment écrire un simple petit mot dans la langue française… Si tel est le cas contraire, félicitation àvous..Mais ne venez pas m’insulter àcause de mon anglais qui est un peu nulle, puisque je ne suis pas bilingue à100%…Mais l’important c’est que j’essais… La plupart des gens comprenne ce que je dit quand je m’exprime en anglais… Vous n’avez qu’a vous forcer ! C’est pas plus compliquer que ça… Et si quelqu’un veut traduire ce que je viens d’écrire, allez s’y ! ca ne me dérange pas.. Ou sinon (je m’adresse àTRENT et àMITCH) vous n’avez qu’a traduire cela vous même… ** TRANSLATE THAT YOURSELF…(only mitch an trent)

    I’m gonna cry….. You’re so nasty… But I will continue to come here to write my opinion… tsssssssss

    but I’m a good girl…trust me..

  71. 19/04/2006lysane says:

    I’m not angry…only disappointed,’cause you insulted me..

  72. 19/04/2006gena says:

    Everyone reading lysane’s posts…please be polite as she is coming from the best intentions. If she is going to come here and put out her opinions, she should surely be able to take the heat that comes along with it, but at least be respectful to her in regards to her language barrier. If you think James sucks, that can easily be translated in any language.

    Lysane….don’t be insulted, sweets….I know you mean well. I also know that being from Quebec, French is probably your primary language and you struggle some with written English. No worries, your point is taken for it’s intent. I happen to know you from ‘Bluntland’ well enough to know that your heart is in the right place. Keep on posting your thoughts and feelings, but be ready for what you might get back.

    See you in the happy-place!!


  73. 19/04/2006lysane says:

    Thank you so much Gena ! I really appreciate it ! :):):)

  74. 27/04/2006jen says:

    so glad to find a soulmate (well at least when it comes to james blunt). good going

  75. 10/05/2006arightjames says:

    Mogwai thinks so too.

  76. 9/06/2006seeker says:

    Back To Bedlam- best selling UK album for the year 2005.

    Certified double platinum in the US.

    On the New Zealand album charts for 32 weeks and has gone #1 with a 6x Platinum certification.

    Nuff’ said.

  77. 9/06/2006Mitch says:

    Now ask me how much I care what useless, shitty albums 14 year old girls are buying. Everyone who knows anything realises that “Top 40” and the likes are made up from record sales and that majority of record sales go to kids. Kids have no idea, so why would it value as a decent opinion?

  78. 9/06/2006Kevin says:

    My God, someone still gives a rats arse about James Blunt?

  79. 10/06/2006jeronncase says:

    Mitch, Mitch, Mitch…

    I can’t believe this is still going on. Tsk, tsk…lol

    If your calculations are correct, that would SURE make for a lot of 14-year olds in the world. I don’t think we have that many. THANK GOD!

    I think you would be VERY surprised at the diversity of fans James has. I know it won’t change your opinion one way or the other, but I do hope that you will give the next album a chance and listen to see what you think.

    And to the above guy, Kevin….no comment on his idiocy..his icon pic says it all.

    cheers, Mitch…as always. 🙂

  80. 10/06/2006lyds says:

    Yes, we do. Well I do…

  81. 10/06/2006lysane says:

    James is the best, no matter what poeple can say.. James rocks and he will for ever ! 😛

  82. 10/06/2006Kevin says:

    jeronncase wrote on June 10th, 2006 at 1:36 am

    …….And to the above guy, Kevin….no comment on his idiocy..his icon pic says it all.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA – there’s always one……

  83. 13/10/2006jason says:

    Thank you for ranting on James Blunt. Just fucking god-awful hokey music. to get a sense of how bad i find this music, when maneater by nelly furtado played after that “goodbye my l lover” crap I started dancing. it was that good.

    I mean seriously, who likes this trash?

  84. 21/11/2006Kevin says:

    Bravo! Listening to James Blunt seriously makes me want to take a 9mm to my head. This is the man that made me stop listening to the radio. Now, honest to goddess, the only shit that I listen to on the radio is the classical music channel. But let me clarify.(this involves a story as to why I hate James Blunt so badly)

    In high school, I was not what you would call the ideal student. Far from actually. I had bad depression and smoked a lot of pot to deal with it. As a result, I didn’t have enough credits to graduate on time and had to take a summer school class (not the first time though.) I had to take Geometry II in order to graduate. And my teacher, kind of one of those eccentric-but-in-a-good-way type teachers played the radio for us while we did individualized work. And because, as he claimed, that people all had different tastes in music and we would always quarrel on the radio station, he tuned it to a generic top 40 type local station. It was either that station or no radio. Well, every day around one o’clock, it would always, ALWAYS play You’re-fucking-Beautiful. Well, it was just mildly annoying at first, but it continued. About 1/3 of the way through the six week program, me and one of the other guys had a running bet as to how long this would go on, and if it would continue all the way through. Well, it did, every single fucking day, five days a week, always around 1 o’clock, till it got to the point where I seriously wanted to shoot up the school.

    So that is why I hate James Blunt, and also why I no longer really listen to the radio. And it is nice to know that there are others out there who share a mutual hatred for him and for all mediocre, corporate produced, lower than dirt excuses for musicians. Thanks for listening to my story.

  85. 3/01/2007seeker23 says:

    So people who think about shooting up their schools with a gun don’t like james blunt.

    I think he can live with that.

  86. 5/01/2007jessica says:

    Oh MY GOD!!!!!! how can some of you people say those horriable things about James?I am a fan of James and his music is wonderful.I love all his songs!His songs are NOT whiney!!!He is saying in “YOUR BEAUTIFUL” that he sees his ex-girlfriend wit some other guy,and how he still feels for her but he knows they will never see or speak to each other again.I looked at all of these notes and some of them are very crul and harsh!Here is a tip…if you don’t like his freakin’ music or his freakin’ voice , listen to a different station or ,DON’T F***ING LISTEN 2 HIS MUSIC STUPID ASSES!!!!!!!

  87. 7/01/2007lysane says:

    well said Jessica 😛

    ViVa BlUnTy !!!

  88. 9/01/2007atena says:

    this is still going on…new comments here. well i’ve just read all of them.
    Kevin, i read your story. im a fan of James’ music and you or mitch’s or anyone esle’s comments cant change my mind. oh well as the mature man, Mitch, has said above in a very polite way (“Remember, opinions are like ass holes, everyone has one.”), opinions are opinions, but its not always easy understanding each other!
    i, myself, would rather hear silence than most of todays music.
    btw mitch, can i ask who your favorite singer is, and what kind of music do you listen to?
    James has his own fans from all over the world and let me tell you that his fans are from all ages, not just 14-year olds. I think James’ music is ageless, it speaks to everyone regardless of age. And remember! thats just what i think about him. Yeah, everyone has an opinion. thats mine.

  89. 10/01/2007Mitch says:

    Atena, just on the chance you may actually know who Maynard is, that is my favorite singer. Don’t worry, he hasn’t had any Top 40 hits that I can really think of, so you probably haven’t heard of him.

  90. 13/01/2007atena says:

    actually, i have heard of him…cos my cousin used to be a big fan of his music and we always listened to Maynard’s songs when we were in his car, but i dont know much about him. all i know is that he’s an american rock singer and i dont like his music at all.

  91. 13/01/2007Nicl says:

    Well, Atena said that James has got not only 14 years old fans and I totally agree with this. I know so many people over 20 or 30 who like him, but so less under 20 who do, although I`m 15 (almost, in only some days….)….And actually I like every kind of music! I love Country (YEAH!), or bands like Billy Talent or Ok Go, but I also love James Blunt and Jazz =).
    Music is one of the most beautiful things on earth I think. My life is full of music, I always have a music in my head, to every situations.

    So actually I don`t have a problem with people who say they don`t like his music.
    I have a problem with people who say they don`t like the musician, cos of his music.
    It`s a different.

  92. 22/01/2007T-Bone(r) says:

    I thought I was the only one that hated him. Thank you.

  93. 15/02/2007JimmyJoeBob says:

    Jessica, Where exactly in the song does it say Ex girlfriend, and even so SHE PROBABLY DUMPED HIM!!!!
    I mean come on, the only ppl who are gonna stik up for him are retards and teenage girls
    It feels like a steamroller is slowly crushing my head when his music plays HE SUCKS, END OF STORY.

  94. 16/02/2007james blunt can smoke a blunt and jump off a cliff says:

    dude your my hero…james blunt is the worst singer/song writer in the last decade….holy shit…i had to listen to him on the radio 5 bajillion times a day too! im lucky im still alive!

  95. 19/02/2007OKAY says:


  96. 19/02/2007OKAY says:





    Seriously though dude I really agree with you on this. But really the main reason I dislike him, is because of his voice, which is, without a doubt, the worst piece of girly trash I’ve ever heard in my life.

  97. 22/02/2007Wow says:

    I can’t believe so many people defend crap. Oh well.
    Old Metallica, Jimi Hendrix and other great rock musicans will always own this crap.

  98. 15/07/2007D.C says:

    i totally support you Dude James Blunt should be hunted down and tortured im 14 and hate this guy who sings out his asshole and sings garbge and gets rich theres hardworking people thatll work all their lives and will not make as much as he did on this one shitty album in fact im gonna go to walmart and put warning labels on his album case that say i suck Dick thats why my voice i so whiney i have no talent give 20 dollars so i can get rich what a fuckin scam

  99. 16/10/2007James Blunt's "music" is actually popular somewhere? at bananas on toast says:

    […] may remember the post I wrote called James Blunt Sucks. In fact, if you ever read here, you should definitely remember it because it caused a hell of a […]