Orbitfiles – Free Online storage, Free File Back up, Free File sharing

by Mitch on 24/04/2006

Orbitfiles looks like a kick ass way of storing mass data online, check it out. Personally I can’t wait for Google to release their anticipated “G-Drive,” it should be awesome!

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  1. 8/06/2006Derek says:

    Another awesome online backup service is IBackup. You can do safe and secure backups and restores of your invaluable data with IBackup for Windows.

    None other than PC World recently rated IBackup as the `best all-round backup service.’ This comes at a time when a slew of services are offering lots of free space to users to store data. IBackup for Windows can backup and restore interactively or schedule regular online backups for Windows desktops, laptops and servers. The interfaces are easy to work with and there are lots of features to play around.

    IBackup automatically selects the most common user data and the most common application data types. There is ‘Automatic Power off’ option also after a scheduled backup. With the Snapshots feature in IBackup, you can view the previous 10 days of stored data without making any extra payment.

    If you want to listen to your mp3 files, simply move them to your IBackup account. With IDrive, you can create playlists, shuffle, fast-forward and play the files in your favorite media player. The same goes with videos. All these communication is encrypted with 128-bit SSL. For a new user, their free trial will be a good opportunity to learn about their features.