GoogleMail Remote Command

by Mitch on 28/05/2006

Just when Gmail couldn’t get any cooler, along comes GoogleMail Remote Command. Launch any file or application by sending an e-mail to your computer, from your phone for example. A good way to turn off your PC when you’ve forgotten, activate your Bittorrent or start up some interesting smut in the loungeroom to scare your family when no one is near the PC.

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  1. 8/06/2006phalacee says:

    Hey dude, long time no see. How you been?

    I just downloaded and installed this on my work system. Bloody brilliant. Because my work system doesn’t have its own public IP address, I’ve struggled to get access to it outside office hours, combining this, a few Auto-IT scripts, and a little know how, I can now email my alternate gmail account, and have any file I want off the hard-drive emailed back to me 😀 great for when I forget to take a file home to work on or something. Cheers