Volvo’s Fully Automatic Brakes – Gizmodo

by Mitch on 13/06/2006

As if Volvo drivers weren’t scary enough, now we have to give them automatic brakes?

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  1. 13/06/2006Kevin says:

    It’s all good in controlled circumstances such as coming up to a traffic jam, but it wouldn’t help if the guy in front of you stops or slows down suddenly for no apparent reason.

    This kind of technology would work a lot better if speed limit signs were fitted with some kind of device that communicates with an on board computer that controls the cars actual speed at all times. Not only would it slow cars down in school zones etc, but it would ensure that you don’t end up with those people who think it’s a good idea to drive 10km/h under the posted speed limit.

    Railway locomotives in other countries have had a similar technology (Automatic Train Control) for stopping trains that are either travelling above the speed limit or are approaching stop signals at an unsafe speed available for many years. I would think it works in a similar way to what Volvo are testing.