Star Trek XI (2008)

by Mitch on 31/07/2006

Matt Damon to play James Kirk in new Star Trek movie, Star Trek XI?

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  1. 1/08/2006Ryan says:

    That is crazy, and with JJ Abrams to direct no less, this could be very interesting, to say the least…

  2. 1/08/2006Kevin says:

    Spare me. That Star Trek could be reduced to this level. It was just about being taken seriously.

  3. 7/08/2006Mitch says:

    @Ryan: I am scared, I hate the idea of going back to the original series as much as I hated doing prequal bullshit with Enterprise. I’ve got a feeling that the entire series of both movies and episodes will be gone for good soon enough.

    @Kevin: No it wasn’t.