Into the belly of the beast!

by Mitch on 17/09/2006

I’ve been talking about it for a while, even contemplating it a lot, but I’ve finally taken the plunge. I haven’t come out of the closet or built an arc, but instead I have ordered a shiny new MacBook! That’s right, Mitch is going from a Windows/*nix computer to an OSX/Windows/*nix computer and man am I excited!

So let’s look at the specifications, fellow geeks!

  • 13.3-inch widescreen display
  • 1280 x 800 resolution
  • 2.0GHz Intel Core Duo1
  • 512MB memory (2x256MB SODIMMs) – UPGRADED TO 1GB
  • 60GB 5400-rpm Serial ATA hard drive2 – UPGRADED TO 120GB
  • SuperDrive (DVD±RW, CD-RW)

My brother Josh bought my old laptop off me for a reasonable price, making this purchase possible. Shipping dates expect it should arrive around 4th October, but I am really hopinh they’ll have it to me sooner than then! Right now I am typing this on my old Dell Inspiron 5000 (750MHz, 25MB, 40GB) so the laptop will be welcomed with open arms when it finally arrives

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  1. 18/09/2006Kevin says:

    So, nice and shiny. Hope it works out for you.

    When are you coming down here?

  2. 25/09/2006Mitch says:

    Soon my friend, as soon as I have shelter! 😀

  3. 19/10/2006Tom says:

    Ha, dood you’re gonna love it. Got just about the same model about a month ago, and I’m ecstatic with it. m/

  4. 19/10/2006Mitch says:

    @Tom: Definately love it, never opened such an awesome computer and I’ve owned millions! lol