(Not So) Good News Week

by Mitch on 30/05/2007

Every lunch time I log on to the Sydney Morning Herald and read a few articles, just to make sure I am keeping in touch. I do CNN a few times a week, but SMH is a daily ritual for me. Today when I logged on these were the top articles:

Apart from the article about the guy eating the Corgi, which is mildly humorous in a really sick way, this isn’t exactly loaded with good news. It’s not exactly inspiring to read these headlines when you log on to the website.

Is this just a sign of “good news doesn’t sell” or is it the gauge of the kind of world we live in these days? And personally, if I read one more “Technology” news article that focuses on Microsoft or Google I will go over the edge, that isn’t technology news it’s snippets from two companies!

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  1. 30/05/2007Claire says:

    Mad said that something like 12% of all press is press releases done by PR, so maybe thats why? (ie Google and Microsoft), just as content fill. Also I would consider advertorials as possibilities if they are aimed at product – there is so much advertorial these days.
    And as for these headlines – they sell, and also mark a serious broadsheet/program. There’s a saying in one of the first year subjects – “There’s no dog on the surfboard at the end of the ABC news”.
    Sad hey? But thats media for you.

  2. 30/05/2007Kevin says:

    It’s the car accident syndrome – papers put in the stories you don’t want to read but know that being the curious little critter you are, you will read it anyway. Have you also noticed the trend to make certain important stories more or less a byline on a page full of fluff?

    I honestly don’t think people want to hear good news – it would mean that maybe politicians are doing the right things, human kindness is on the rise and the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse would be just over the next hill.

    Also, imagine how few newspapers or magazines would be sold if the headlines screamed “Man and wife stay married for 50 years and neither has an affair” or “Lost puppy found safe”.

  3. 30/05/2007Mitch says:

    “Lost puppy found save” <- And eaten. Yum!

    As for your comment Claire, most of the articles are just about Google and Microsoft, not even products or anything interesting. You should check out how bad it is.

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