Cool news on the iPhone

by Mitch on 28/08/2007

Everyone who knows me knows one thing for sure: I am a geek. I love gadgets, computers, software, websites, Mac-good, iPods and everything that goes with. So when Apple declared that Australia, as per usual of US companies, would have to wait a whole year until we see the iPhone I was naturally disappointed.

Yesterday while browsing I found an interesting website of a guy who managed to hack the iPhone. Pretty impressive stuff with some over complicated instructions, but I still think this is pretty incredible.

I’ve previously seen a couple of interesting fixes also on that look a lot less risky, perhaps I will try one of these at some point.

So, for the next question; will I be buying one at some point? You bet your sweet ass I will!

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  1. 29/08/2007Kevin Wilson says:

    You are selling yourself short matey. You don’t love gadgets – you are obsessed with them and I am sure that if you could have them implanted into your body, you would quite happily do it. Mitch of Borg perhaps? CyberMitch?

    New design – interesting.