The Things You Own, Own You

by Mitch on 7/04/2008

This morning while perusing some news items I came across an interesting article on SMH about people who spend money on gadgets they can’t necessarily afford, don’t need the features and certainly don’t have the computer savvy mind to “drive” these devices.

As a gadget geek I scoffed at the implication that people are so silly that they buy devices they don’t use, but then suddenly found myself looking inwards to think about how I use my technology and just how much value it all adds to my life.

The first thing that comes to my phone. Every time I bring it out of my pocket geeks, and non-geeks alike, look in wonderment and start asking me about the features. When I tell them about the 5MP camera and GPS they are so impressed that they begin to talk about wanting one. But do I even use it?

To go through my rather extremely extensive geek collection and lay out how much I use, this might take a while but will paint a pretty accurate picture of what I need and don’t need.

Hold on to your hats.

Nokia N95
GPS – 3 times in 6 months
Camera – often more than once a day
Web – several times a day
SMS – several times a day
Calling – almost all day constantly – it’s my job

Work Blackberry (new, but this is assumptive)
E-mail – all day
Phone – all day, it will take over from my N95 for work calls
Web – several times a day
Calender / extra feature – all day

All features – for a few hours a day or every other day

iPod 60GB
Music – every morning and afternoon after work
Video – once a week or maybe less

iPod Nano 4GB
Music – several times a week jogging, ideally, but actually not as often as I should
Video – never

Canon 350D D-Rebel
Photos (d’uh) – once a week but maybe less

PSP (Playstation Portable)
Games – less than a few times a month
Internet – Not often, but I should use more such as RSS on the bus
Other features – Never

Haven’t touched it in years

Printer – not in years
Photo printer – even longer
Desktop PC – over a year
Television – in storage for over a year
iPod Shuffle – over a year
Palm T|X – over a year since I smashed the screen, but didn’t use enough at all

Plus god knows how much else that I can’t even think of…

How much of this stuff just belongs on eBay? Maybe just making some streamlining to my life to use fewer gadgets and use them more often? There is just too much junk here and considering most of it is portable, I have none of it with me (barring my phone of course) on a day-to-day basis.

What is your experience of buying technologies you don’t use? How many hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars worth of electo-crap do you have lying around your house?

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  1. 7/04/2008Felipe Spina says:

    All Features!

  2. 7/04/2008Kevin Wilson says:

    I seem to have some slightly different idea as to what a gadget is than you in some cases – for example, I don’t see my TV, my cameras, desktop PC or printer as being gadgets.

    To me a gadget is something that you think you need for whatever reason only to find that you use it once then put it away somewhere. I always weigh up how often I will use something before I buy it thus saving myself a fortune.

  3. 8/04/2008Mitch says:

    Oh I think they’re all gadgets. Especially when I move through them as fast as I do. I can’t wait for my Crackberry to be working on our e-mail server, I’ll NEVER disconnect again!

  4. 16/04/2008Ryan K Lindsay says:

    I really try to use not too much at all.
    Laptop – everyday for writing and net research/communication, music everyday
    Mobile phone (Nokia I don’t know what number) – calls and sms every day, camera every once in a while, video not at all, but the hwole thing was free with a cap plan, so no stresses there.
    TV (bought about 3 years ago, quite cheap) – maybe for dvd’s on weekend, but otherwise I do not watch tv
    DVD player (another cheap one) – see as above…
    iPod shuffle – everyday either running or riding to work
    Steroe – broekn for over a year and not in a hurry to fix as I have the laptop…

    I don’t think I have anything else – I want a digital camera, which I think I would use, I am happy without a printer as I can print at work, I don’t own any gaming consoles as I don’t play any games (I use my brothers Wii for the one game necessary; Marvel Ultimate Alliance), and that’s all I can think of
    Kitchen has the usuals; toaster, microwave, kettle, which all get a daily workout but I don’t have any crazy juicers or shit like that that never gets used.
    I think I’ve come out of this test pretty well, hazah for me!

  5. 21/04/2008Funkasaurus says:

    Fools!!!! Just thought i’d say g’day – pasta here – good writing boys, enjoyable read – mitch, dig the site, bone am still going through yours but from what i’ve seen – top notch.

    up to newie in a few weeks time – will see you then bone-o