Catching the eye of a recruiter

by Mitch on 29/04/2008

Interesting article on KRIS.TV today titled “Catching the Eye of an Executive Recruiter”. It makes some obvious points, some less-obvious points and misses one key area to finding the attention of a recruiter.

One of the points it raises is that recruiters are only interested in the roles they are working on. This absolutely should not be the case with a good recruiter and finding good talent should always be a priority for this kind of individual.

This raises the most important point missed in the article: find good or even great recruiters who are inside your network.

With so many recruitment agencies who barely know what they are doing, make sure you find a recruiter you can genuinely partner with. Find a recruiter who your colleagues and friends deal with a lot, who comes highly recommended and meet with them. Make your recruiter your friend.

In a mutually beneficial recruitment partnership the candidate owes as much to the recruiter as the recruiter owes to the candidate. Offering your consultant a degree of exclusivity, prompt feedback and regular updates are an excellent start to making yourself a priority to your recruitment consultant. Offering them referrals is an even better way to stay front of mind – good people should always know other good people.

This brings me to my last point: know where your CV is. Your CV is a personal document and a window to your professional career; not knowing who has it is a fatal mistake made by a vast majority of candidates. Nothing will ruin your name in the recruitment marketplace like dozens of consultants fighting over representation rights or clients seeing your CV from multiple agencies. Long story short: don’t be a CV whore.

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  1. 29/04/2008Greg Dwyer says:

    Nice post Mitch – You’ve made some good points there!

    Building relationships with recruiters and being considered as a real person – not just a CV, is key to getting the outcome you want when looking for work.

    As a recruiter myself (and I’d like to think i’m a rather good one) I’m not into the CV whoring approach many agencies take. It’s unfortunate that many recruiters take a “key words on CV match the keywords on job description” approach and send out a stack of “matching” CV’s all at once. This leads to a whole lot of hopeful candidates thinking they’re in with a chance – when the reality is they’ll never even get that call back to tell them if they were successful or not.

    The result of one client getting the same CV from two recruiters is obvious – both CV’s go in the bin as Mr Client can’t be bothered fighting the agencies as to who did what and when – no matter how good that candidate is.

    A good recruiter, with a focus on a particular market will certainly build relationships that are broader than his/her current requirements. They will certainly take the time to get to know the PERSON behind that CV and to finding out what is important to a job seeker (it’s ALWAYS more than just the money). This approach is about being proactive – not just reactive. These relationships are like any other though – they require both parties to work at it to get it right, to understand each other and to keep up the contact. I’ll often meet good candidates who aren’t right for things I’m working on now, knowing the right opportunity for them will arise in the future. Often this is a case of 6 months down the track – but i’ve got many proud examples of when I’ve nailed it and introduced someone to their dream job.

    Keep up your good posts! You’ve certainly caught the eye of this recruiter!