The photo-a-day experiment!

by Mitch on 5/06/2008

This morning while I was roaming around I noticed a few people have started putting an interesting spin on their photoblogging experience by starting a “photo a day” collection.

“Bonus,” I exclaim as a tiny speck of coffee hits my monitor. Don’t worry, it’s a work computer. “I’ve got a digital camera and two phones, all capable of taking photo thingymabobs, I’m gonna do that!”

So, as of today begins the photo-a-day experiment. 365 photos over 365 days, beginning today. The photo-a-day experiment will be a photoset, a tumblr blog and a weekly digest posted to bananas on toast (to save clutter).

There will be photos of me, coffee cups, the occasional small person and some kielbasa sausage. There will be photos of people, places, somethings and nothings. So keep checkin’!

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  1. 5/06/2008Devesh says:

    Neat! I was actually thinking of doing that a few weeks ago – then just forgot about it :-

    Look forward to variations in “coffee-cups” LOL!

    Cheerio 🙂

  2. 5/06/2008Mik says:

    That sounds like an interesting expiriment, I thought of that for a second, but then I realised “hey I don’t hav interesting stuff to shoot every day” haha is that lame?

  3. 5/06/2008Mitch says:

    @Dev – haha, would seem I beat you to it! Perhaps we can catch up for a beer at some point and you can be a guest photo!

    @Mik – I am thinking the same thing, but I wanted to do it to force myself to be creative and think of things to post. I am having a cooked breakfast with Claire tomorrow, I am sure I’ll get a shot in there somewhere! 🙂

  4. 7/06/2008Devesh says:

    @Mitch – You bet – we definitely need to catch up one of these days 🙂 Maybe I should start a “beer photo of the day” thingie – good excuse for me to have alcohol everyday LMAO 😛