Eight things I adoted before it became ‘cool’…

by Mitch on 8/08/2008
  1. Wearing converse all-stars – Yep, you bet, I started wearing cons back when I was in high school (which is a long time ago, seriously) before they took flight after the release of I, Robot and Will Smith gave his cheese ball selling pitch.
  2. Using a white computer – I only just got in, but I had a Mac before every third person at the local Starbucks had one. Although Starbucks are closing in Australia now so I anticipate a downturn in Apple product sales.
  3. Listening to Powderfinger – I once bought two album’s titled “Parables for Wooden Ears” and “Double Allergic” and got called weird by all my friends. Fast-forward to their 1st major release “Internationalist” and everyone is listening.
  4. Google – I used to use Google on a daily basis before Gmail, calendars, online shopping, videos and everything else. In fact, I used to use it when it was only a search engine and only had two buttons on the interface.
  5. Burning CD’s – I started burning CD’s around the time most people I knew were buying CD players. I remember blanks cost around $10 each and I remember hearing things like “CD media won’t ever last, why did you buy a CD burner?”
  6. Blogging – before there were blogging engines, there was notepad. When I was 15 (quite some time ago, as I’ve mentioned) I ran a website which I updated almost daily, manually updating
  7. Hating Big Brother – Just the other day I hear my media queen mother spout “Big Brother has lost it’s appeal.” Newsflash: it never had any. To all the people saddened by the fact it’s the last year: cry me a river, losers!
  8. Mobile Browsing – I began browsing the web back in the days of monochrome dot-matrix on my Nokia 7110. It sure sucked hard, but try and beat that for keen!

Plus there are also a few things I do now that I hope will be cool one day (i.e. watching Star Trek, wokring 60 hour weeks and using stupid phrases like “crap ya later!”)

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  1. 8/08/2008Mark Cohen says:

    If I can post an image tag this’ll work. If not, check out the cartoon on xkcd:

  2. 8/08/2008Mark Cohen says:

    Uh I guess not


  3. 8/08/2008Kevin Wilson says:

    I reckon I hated Big Brother before you – even before it started here. I’ll claim it on the basis of seniority.

    I think I’ll also claim the Converses as well because us oldies used to wear the style way before Converse existed.

    Who said watching Star Trek wasn’t cool? It certainly was in 1976.

    I’ll let you have the rest of the list though.

    Cheers matey.


  4. 11/08/2008Mik Morley says:

    I think a beat you on alot of those my friend. I used to be a messageboard whore back with my 9600bps modem on my shitty Amstrad. Bare in mind all the net was were messages boards, untill the graphic power of Internet Explorer 3.0 was unleashed with Windows 95. The internet sucks these days haha.

    I do remember when Blank CD’s cost 10 bucks each, some friends from school picthced in and brought a 20 pk so we could start our ‘pirate raquet’. Didn’t last very long, the cost outweighed the money we made.

    Oh… and Star Trek wasn’t cool in 1976, and it’s still not cool now… Sorry… You should watch Star Wars sometime, you might enjoy it! haha

  5. 12/08/2008Mitch says:

    Mark – HILARIOUS! Loved it!

    Kev – true story on Star Trek being cool back in the 70’s, valid point. I’m so before the times I am before my own times. I can’t give you big brother however, the only one I thought was any good was the European version which quickly turned to an orgy. Game on!

    Mik – I don’t believe they were called messageboards my friend, they were called BBS’ and I was there mate. I don’t know if you beat me to it or not, but I was there! And as for the Star Trek slamming, please just deal with it buddy, Star Trek still remains the single most successful television franchise and one of the most successful movie franchises. As for Star Wars, Episode 1, 2 and 3 were all crap, so take your hating elsewhere.

  6. 22/08/2008Dan Palmer says:

    Was packing up to move to Japan the other week and there was the ol’ Nokia 7110, box at all.. Yes, I keep way too many boxes of neat kit I’ve bought over the years – unfortunatly most has had to go the way of the dinosaur..

    Still, couldn’t chuck all the old mid 90s Internet mags.. too much history.. but damn that’s a heavy box 😛 Besides- I had websites published in a few of them and it’d take too long to sort through!