by Mitch on 20/05/2009

So you’ve probably seen a bit of talk about SHTBOX (Hashtag / Twitter) on Twitter and that is more than likely why you are here. So what is it? Simply put it’s a weekly, informal Twitter meetup, with the idea of taking some of the online friendships out in the real world.

It is not a STUB or any other form of prior meetup and also doesn’t aim to “compete” with any of these events. It is intended to be more regular and less formal than any of the other meetups, with a focus of socialising with likeminded people.

Why SHTBOX? Because it’s funny and keeps with the theme of being informal.
When? Every Friday at 5:30pm.
Where? The Clock Hotel, Surry Hills [MAP]
RSVP? No need, just turn up.

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  1. 20/05/2009Joel Pearson says:

    Sounds like fun…

    I shall try and attend in a few weeks time. out of the country this week.

  2. 21/05/2009Mitch Malone says:

    Awesome, will be looking forward to seeing you there when you get back! :-)

  3. 20/05/2009margb1509 says:

    sounds good but i'm probably way too old to go to those things lol

  4. 21/05/2009Mitch Malone says:

    Oh you're never too old to come along, you're always more than welcome to join!

  5. 20/05/2009Mark Cohen says:

    Now if only I could find a wormhole connecting Surrey Hills and Ingleburn 😉

  6. 21/05/2009Mitch Malone says:

    I am working on it! 😉 Come anyway and expense the driving as a visit with myself, Greg and Markus! :-)

  7. 22/05/2009Mike_Williams says:

    I might make it one week. Pity that it's during prime dog walking / play time at the park.

  8. 22/05/2009Mitch Malone says:

    Mike, shame you can't make it dude. Maybe the dogs need a rest on account of the rain and therefor you can come for a few beers?