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All work and no play makes Mitch go something-something…


Wow, I don’t think I have ever been so busy. Someone from the board of The Company Who Wishes To Remain Unnamedâ„¢ has just contacted me and asked me to design yet another website, and also told me that he plans on pushing to the major upgrade which I recommended, which would be good for them and great for my bank account. I also received an email late last night from someone else who wants me to design a website for them. This basically means I really need to hurry up and register a Business Number as well as get a portfolio website together – I am thinking of calling it “Emm Squared Studios” or “Emm Squared Design House” something similar.

More than ever, time management is more and more important. I really need to begin separating work from play and begin getting a touch more work-work done. I usually call “work” when I am working on this website, or helping friends out with their websites, although now I really have some work to get done, so it means that projects like that will have to come second often.

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